Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise: SBK Sonic Figures Released

After all that "coming in January" talk for the Sonic Black Knight armor figures & all the rest...everyone may find a pleasant surprise as the figures release early. Like now.

So what's the lowdown on everything?
They let out Sonic & Shadow first, in some stores. The fuzzy minis are def. having good distribution. Knuckles armor will likely turn up later. Blaze is showing up in some places in the comic book pack (Yes with another Sonic you didnt need) as well. Don't worry if you can't find any of them yet, dont rush off and over-spend online. It'll all roll out before xmas because TRU wants to make money. They're NOT exclusives, none of this stuff is.

The review is coming on the following update. NEW joint style is used here.

Who else will turn up in armor?
As you know, the game also had Blaze, Silver and Jet, as well as the Black Knight himself. Who else will get made? Black Knight is doubtful because their eggmans didnt do that well...are villains too risky? Will Blaze be stamped out by the Girl's Curse? It would be a real shame because the armor figures are really super!

Wreck it Ralph:
Now that pretty much everybody's seen it, was the Sonic quota satisfactory? General opinion seems that it was all right. They worked him in there with some cameos & secret details to look at easter eggs for, so that was nice. Do you feel it was PROPORTIONAL to the amount of hype that the WIR media had for him, though? That is an interesting matter of opinion, so the question deserves to be asked.

Ript Tees:
The "Sonic = The Flash" shirt....that is...really reaching. And by reaching, I mean reaching into the bootleg barrel of cheezy ripoffs. It seriously looks like they recolored with mspaint a Sonic x stock art. Parody is fine, it can be funny & cool or lampoon some aspect of fandom. That's great. But the 'red Sonic' they did there is pretty wrong because stealing art and 'changing something' just so you can say its yours is ripping it off. That's like giving a stock Sonic a sombrero and then saying "oh its Speedy Gonzalez from Looney yeah...that's totally unique".

Archie Rant O Zone! Parent Panic Edition!
Beware the dumbnity. Ignore paragraph if you dont care about or don't read Archie Sonic Comics.

Sega has been up to things lately regarding Archie Sonic.
Why! Nobody knows. There was the whole "redesign your people" thing they had a while back, and now it seems like they're trying to remove character's parents. It's pretty covert, they're not like banning those chars from the book, but like people can't call them "Dad" or "Mom" any more. They'll probably be phased out the the stories slowly so as not to anger the fandom. Because if you are mandated to remove the familial aspect of them, then they're useless characters with little to contribute, and serve only to stir the pot of fan rage.


They mostly didn't contribute much to real plots in a parental nature. Yes the whole Merlin Prower on the council or stuff like that, but he didnt NEED to be related to do any of that. Goofy outer space origins & etc...okaaay, but its not like any of the plots needed them as PARENTS, aside from like 1 panel going against Scourge. They're gimmick chars from the beginning, that the books are struggling to use.

Remember when they were going to intro Sonic's parents? They had such an excitement and a big to-do over it! WOW you can SEE his PARENTS! OMG you have to buy that issue, aren't you totally curious what they looked like?

No. No you are not.
Because his mom will look like Sonic in drag. Poorly. He will have lipstick and maybe some eyelashes or they'll get creative and put a little bit of hair on him, or put boobs on him and then say it is his mom. His dad will look JUST like him but with some stupid "old man" detail. Like a grubby beard, or some eyebrows or mustache or something. Same thing with Tails only the parents are going to have 1 tail each.

The bottom line is some people aren't meant to have parents "in the picture". Mickey Mouse? Bugs Bunny? How much cooler would it be if like...Kingdomhearts Sora, Mario, & Master Chief's parents were always hovering around? Hint: IT WOULDNT. Parents are irrelevant for them, and Archie only did it for the shock value of exposing them for the first time to raise sales with a gimmick. Oh and then they're lame looking Robian Robots now..okaaay.

has opinions on it too. The parents were never ever going to look cool. Its one of those things where it HAS to be a mystery, or it's ruined. That isn't even a knock at their lack of creativity in designing them (which they did have) it's that nothing can 'live up to' what they might be. They MUST be this unresolved thing, and the parents must never appear. (Even the maligned Sonic Underground Queen Aleena was bizarre and purple and hairy and whatnot...she certainly wasn't that much of a Sonic in drag (looking at you Sonia...grrrr). Also, look at the other Sega hedgehogs, they're not clones of Sonic either, clearly hedgehogs are various)

So it's like no wonder they want them stamped out.
Having your great chars be the spawn of like super mediocre chars isn't the cool way to go. There's also the issue of how it's always an archie char behind everything. Like how Mammoth Mogul was the one who sent Silver back in time.

I wonder if they'll have to retcon out the part where they claim Sonic's "REAL NAME" is actually "Maurice" isn't it funny that Sonic's real name is actually so dorky? Aren't we so clever here with our 'facts'? (I always hated stuff like that, it was so obviously shenanigans being done for the shock value of selling the issue, not to actually contribute anything worthwhile) Also I guess, beans to you if your name is actually 'Maurice' and they just dumped on you.