Sunday, January 13, 2008

SonicGear's Back in Action

After having no updates for 2 weeks due to a convention, Sonic Gear is finally back in action.

The second week wasn't meant to be skipped, but there was too much going on, and it happened anyway. This week was nearly a "Grab Bag" update (which I do not like as well because they take so long to do) but it turned out to be a 'bed-time' update.

This week is all about Sonic sleep stuff. It's missing PJs, but those are already on the site. Home Decor got a nice kick, and Japan Plushes got all the way up to Page 5. Yes, there's only an Amy on it now, but it's due for more really soon.

I also went through and cleared up many emails adding facts and photos along the way. The most notable fact being that the "Super Sonic Gear" skateboard Sonic item came from Cookie Crisp, and there was also a gold colored one.

Next week will bring a Gamestation update, the first of it's kind. Gamestation is a store in the UK that sells interesting non-game but video game related merchandise, if you didn't know. And now, apparently, they're totally loaded with Sonic stuff! Since it's all available to buy right now, it's important to get the word out to the fans and let them know where to go. Naturally, everything will end up on UK areas of the site.

This may mean a bit of an overhaul to the catagories because UK doesn't have enough different catagories and there's too much in 'misc' now--making it hard for people to find things they want. With things calming down, the mail should be fixed up as well, so if you sent something and didn't get a response yet, it should clear up soon.