Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sonic Sporting Goods Update? Frusterate!

This update was a marathon of some kind for www.sonicgear.org!
All I had meant to do was throw on some more LCD games, and it turned into like this 3 hour project. What's so time consuming?

Creating a new page and content moving. UGH WORST CHORE on Gear. Why?
You have to copy all the content you want on the new page off the old ones. Including pictures themselves, descriptions and that little line of text that comes in the yellow box when you hover over it. It doesn't SEEM like tons, but it builds up when you're doing like 10 things of it.
You have to delete out off the server where all the old pictures were, or move them from folder to folder, which is just a hassle anyway. (I mean really, the page has over like 2000 images and about a billion folders to try and keep them streight)
Making the new page, of course, which takes a new title, adsense and all the layout stuff.
Then, replacing what you took from the old pages. You can't just leave blank holes, so got to go out and get even more gear that fits there, even if you didn't have anything lined up. I ended up going thru all 23 pages (1156 items) on Ebay to find just ONE more "Random USA" Sonic the hedgehog item. It turns out everything else is already slotted for one catagory or another. (who knew?)
Then it's not done. You have to delete the mini for web images, and sort off the ones out of the bins into other bins for burning on a CD. With 75+ folders, this isn't as simple as it sounds.

So it ended up being more than just a "quick update". But the JP LCD games were nagging because they'd been hanging about in an image bin for forever. I realized I needed "sporting goods" when the skateboards, pads AND basketballs came up. You know there's got to be more out there too, like some corny rollerskates or something.

Naturally, you can't comb ebay without becoming distracted. I managed to snag 2 new pairs of shoes, a pin, some possible bootleg enamel pins, a costume piece, another mystery-box shirt, and some kind of ninja blade thing with holofoil. (don't worry, it' s not as cool as it sounds)

But what this did, is likely postpone the new page I had in mind, (mutant) because that will also be a big production time-wise, and this ate it all by accident. Another reason is that www.phantasystardynasty.com also needs (badly!) an update that has a new comic, and also to install the new header/title because PSU is right around the corner. That comic was also postponed because the scanner somehow uninstalled itself. Gah! It's back to normal now, so it's just the colorwork for the comic and the matter of posting it up. But dbl updates doesn't leave time for 2 huge productions on the web in one week.

Next gear update has it's eye on more Sonic Food, Hygene and possibly bootlegs. It's time to go on another bootleg rant because damm is ebay loaded with 'em. Who buys this garbage anyway? That, and I'm in the mood to make fun of something, why not shoddy Sonic merchandise?