Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown to Jazwares: big figure release

What was up with last week?
Where was the update?

The internet was down on the night the update was supposed to be. See, sunday night is the usual day to do the weekly update. During the week it can (and often does) get too busy to do an if that 1 night gets lost, it can skip for the week. The ISP here decided to go down for that night, so...nothing happened. Wasn't able to get in there during the week to do it, so this week has to be a make-up update. Fortunately, this is super rare, happening less than 2 times in a year.

Jazwares big release:
Supposedly some time in august, but figures have already leaked onto Ebay & gotten sent in to Gear. Depending how they do it, it'll either sprinkle them in in psudo-waves like we've had before, or they'll just dump em all and flood the shelves. People are currently thinking 'dump', but who knows. And what'll happen to everything that's still on the shelf? Better pick up any figures you want NOW or this release may disrupt your ability to do so.

More things onto Wanted Gear this week...
And 1 thing off it. That Horrifica mystery has finally been solved and the answer was 'a cameo'. It's interesting to see they didn't pick someone like Yuri Geller who was famous for the supposed 'power' first with his spoon bending. Maybe he was debunked and Silver was someone more authentic?

Hopper Ball!
Is a 'generic styled' item which can be printed upon and thus 'themed' however you want. Generic styled items are terribly common among bootlegs, but this doesn't mean they're confined only there. The ball is certainly official. It's another one of those throwback toys to before technology (like a bop bag) where if you didn't have anything to do butt-bouncing on a springy thing held an appeal. It's interesting to see these things are still being made.

Good to see...
-Wal-mart getting shirts again, and some nice designs too. The cheap prices and wide availability makes sure almost anyone can pick them up. Hopefully the sizes are decent.
-That one big issue of GamesMaster magazine being made available online to any who want to buy it. This magazine really went all-out for the 20th anniversary so it's a big deal.
-Alton Towers stepping up their game- A well designed photo frame, some new pins sets & adding MORE Jazwares items (plushes & figures) to the gift shop only serves to make it a better Sonic destination. Stock up on fun at the coaster, then stock up on stuff without paying shipping!

Next Update:
Will be a 2nd update for the same week. Got to make up for the missing one, or else the mail will go out of control again. It'll be a variety of stuff looking to clear up anything recent to make-way for the big Jazwares figure flood that's likely to happen soon. The official date may be august, but with leaks already occurring...