Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sucky Sonic Movie Delayed & Other Ok News

Well we got some good news this week...
That stupid #notmysonic movie has been delayed. It's been moved to the movie dumping ground of February 2020 instead of this year so they can 'fix' the ugly, golem-like, felty-thighs gross model of him. WELL that's probably not going to do much because the plot is poop*. You can already tell from the trailer that it's going to be predictable garbage with a trite plot. But, a delay after huge complaints is a good step along the way to getting it cancelled, which it should be because the whole idea is stupid.

Can't wear Sonic shirts?
WELL here comes an unintended already-consequence. As anyone may know I am a tee collector (and figures collector too, as specialties) and so, yes, I'll wear Sonic tees around, just like any other fan would. But today...there was a comment 'oh like that terrible thing in the movie'? And I was like " the games, no one who likes the games likes that creepy movie, and it's been delayed anyway." And then "Oh, so it's bad, like Game of Thrones?" After the 'yes' went on to GOT and I never saw it so exited the conversation.

But, you can see that this is a distinct danger of the filthy film.
That in the eye of the world and pop culture, Sonic will stop being 'that cool game guy' and turn into 'oh gross a fan of the nasty hobgoblin, thats so stupid'. This is what damaging a reputation looks like, and that's why the film needs to get lost, permanently.

Site News:

A hub was created this week for USA Housewares
It turned out to have 14 pages and was hogging up the index/wasting time with all its links so I condensed it to a hub page to fix it. That's why the update is a tad short this week. Probably a few more pages can use some hubs too, so maybe better organization in upcoming weeks.

Defunct Japan Site Items
Yes these are starting to appear again, despite it being closed for so long. They're going to keep on too, because I want to flush them all out of my image bins.

Did someone unearth a carton of these in the Filipenes? Hopefully. Who knows how many designs they did before the company vanished. It's interesting how all their designs seem confusing on purpose.

Next Week:
Expect lots of Team Sonic Racing stuff, now that the game has come out. YES there was a bonus biggie package, even though it didn't seem to get much press? I can pre-assure you this week though that it is very cool and also pretty expensive.

*No, I won't miss an opportunity to bang on about how bad this movie is, you can already tell about the bad plot in the previous post that analyzed the trailer. A delay of x months isn't going to make them fix anything about the plot, they're just going to pick at that filthy sprite because that's the only thing they believe is wrong with it.