Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Clothing & Delayed Update

As you probably saw this week's update was a day later than usual.
This is due to the superbowl and generally getting things in order. Another new page this time, Winter Wear 2 because 1 was too long and another item came in. (so really only 1 new winter thing this time) Most of the update was composed of classic clothes though, which always amaze me because no matter how many get posted, more always show up.

TopHeavy also seems to be getting a bit much into variants, which is just ok...most people would rather see all new fresh designs, however they DO give people who missed out a 2nd chance. The other thing of note is that supposedly their "metallic ink" most often seen in red and blue is supposedly VERY VERY fragile. As in 'don't wash it ever' fragile...which is not good. Their new non-metallic variant this week may be a good option for people who actually want to wear the shirt. (Yes I have some of their metallic inks but they've never been in the wash and I'm not about to try it)

Item of the week would have to be the sack hat.
Really, who thought that it could look good on anyone? The design itself is excellent, as usual. The early JP art of Sonic/Tails was always the best out of anywhere, really. The game-title-screen like design is really nice, and would look good on a hat. However, it's the construction of the hat which would likely make ANY wearer of it look silly. It may actually be a multi-function hat, as there seemed to be several instructions.
The other curious thing is the similarity of the box to other Japan Sonic boxes for items. The die-cut, the pointed corners/curve top etc. This fancy box type must have been a trend of some type.

Next week:
Likely a plush/action figure update. First4Figures finally released some figures so as soon as it's determined if they're action figures or...mini-statues, they'll show up on the appropriate page. Also, if you wanted to see the prototype super posers, that's going to be the big chance as well, (Tails & Knuckles) because someone kept a treasure-trove of old ToyIsland stuff and it's all going to go on Gear (where it was unique)
The other will be plushes, vintage and new. Plush picbin is getting full again, plus a special valentines day 'treat' (quotes mean it is actually an anti-treat) that will fit in nicely.
So the next update is sure to have something interesting.