Monday, August 08, 2016

Archie Sonic Comics: Trouble With Characters

Buying Alert:
Sonic Gear, being a merchandise showcase site sometimes has 'buying alerts'...and this is one of them. If you want some of the older "compilations" or "collected issues/stories" from Archie Sonic Comics, now's the time to buy. Why?

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It looks like Archie Sonic Comics will be sued by a couple of it's old artists.
They say Archie "Stole their characters". Did they? It depends on what kind of a contract the artists had when they signed on to do work. When you sign a contract, you read it to know what type it is. There are a couple of types, and only lawyers can sort it out which one they had. However, to simplify a bit:

Type 1: You're just hired to draw comics with pre-existing characters and follow the plots laid out by the writers. (So, like an illustrator.)
Type 2: You're hired to develop NEW characters, who are then possessed by the company. Much like designing someone a mascot, that character is FOR the company & they're hiring you to manufacture it and then buying it off you when you're done, to use however they want. (So, like a chair-you make the chair, you sell the chair, they buy the chair and it's now their chair forever.)
Type 3: You're hired to draw for the comic, and they ask you to bring in some of your own characters, but the company doesn't get to keep them. You can then re-use them at your leisure anywhere else and not owe them anything. If you leave/the contract ends, the characters are then NOT able to be used/continued by the company.

Is what's happening that Archie says it had Type 2, but the artists think it had Type 3? Did someone lie about the type?
When the lawyers say what happened, there will likely be some kind of news release or something.

What's affected:
The older compilation books & issues. Also any future reprints. It's mostly the "BS" characters that fans hated too, like Sean Connery Ripoff-Wannabe, some stuff to do with the whole 'sword of acorns' thing, a few single-appearance guys and most notably Mammoth Mogul. So anywhere you find him, you'll want to buy that item if you don't have it already. The lawsuit will likely mean they can't ever reprint that stuff again just to avoid hassles. It may not even matter if they win, they may just shelve the whole batch of content.

*This week's update...
Yep, more Anniversary stuff is still appearing. And that's great! The anniversary is a big deal, and it's cool to see SDCC features give-away loot of it too. The most surprising thing was the Sephora Face Cream Mud thing. Yeah, it's just a Sonic sticker on their usual item, but it means they're paying attention to Sonic, which is interesting.

Little Bigheads Eggman: No surprise he appeared in the bag. He's the least-bought plush out of all of their over-priced small dolls. It was a convenient & friendly way to unload him.

Boom Proto Clothes: These are all genuinely well designed & good ideas. What's up with all the prototypes though? It seems like protos are ALL that comes in actual goods.

Domino Show: He did all that and he's not actually a fan? Someone's dedicated to dominoes. It's cool to see Sonic inspiring people though.

Next Week:
Update will likely have a small delay. Probably a better look at the Sonic X shoes, and more Japan Posters for sure.