Monday, January 22, 2018

2018: An All-Right Start

Well 2018 is here & SonicGear is...Still Here.
However, the Net Neutrality worries are also still here. So why no slowdown? Why no close of Gear? Was all that noise on the blog & in the update spot all a cry of wolf or hoax?

None of that was able to happen because a few good people are actually suing the FCC to get neutrality back. And, as long as courts and lawyers and things are fighting over it, the ISPs aren't going to be able to make good on their sinister plans to ruin pretty much everything except huge companies. And even then, if they shut down all of America's small businesses I have no idea who they expect is going to buy stuff over at Amazon or who's going to afford all that cable TV they're itching to sell.
So, we're safe as long as a bunch of people are arguing. If the good guys lose, it's still bye-bye so be sure to continue to call your senator if you can-especially if you are in Florida or one of the other senate-votes that needs to change.

2017 for merchandise ended on kind of a boring flat note.
Mania had kind of poked around with some merchandise but it didn't bring stuff that really excites the fans like all new cool clothing lines, action figures, plushes, statues or household collectibles. The Boom Ban was still kind of flopping around in effect because even after stuff like that ends, it takes a long time for companies to produce/design/market/then shelf any item.

2018 is off to a decent enough start.
Tomy released their catalog and it DOES include an Infinite figure from Forces & a few things we've never seen before in figure format like Zavok & various expression neutral chaos. They've got some duds like their plush Super Sonic, and some 'cg stand ins' but that's to be expected. On the whole though, it seems pretty encouraging if they can keep the price down and not be obnoxious. Yes, Boom is still in there, they're still trying to make Boom happen. "Now with an Eggman figure we've painted black and also a green one because reasons"

More like $ega$hop--gee whiz a fan can appreciate what they're doing but nobody's going to appreciate those ridiculous prices. This place will continue to have the items added upon future updates no matter how marked up they are. But, at least it's Modern Sonic & a good enough variety of characters appearing on various categories of items.

Sears: This home of Sonic tees (that were unique to it) continues to become rare-er as more of its stores close leaving fans with no real decent shirt destinations with any consistency. JC Penny may have an item now and then but Sears was the reliable place.

A few more stores like Spencers & Target seem to have a few Sonic homegoods like bottles & cups, so merchandising is clearly continuing. Aside from the bad news about Sears....and if the internet doesn't just up and get killed by jerks, 2018 is looking like it could be a pretty decent time for Sonic collectors.