Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A double update week.
Mostly because the first update was various fixes, moves and corrections. It had some videos in there too, but it didn't clear out enough items. In keeping with trying to get the mail down each week so that everybody's everything goes on, a 2nd one was needed.

Item of the week:
Anti Aging Cream. GOT to be it. "Sonic Everything Ever" is a very interesting concept. I fully confess to being an 'unusual items only' collector...completely fascinated by things that are ultra odd and wierd. The Sonic wet-nap, Sonic perfume, Sonic toothbrush, lamp, bedsheets etc. Things that are totally unexpected are also totally cool.

I'm also fairly surprised that the Induction Wii Charger is some limited edition gizmo.
Why? I mean, there's no real 'why not'...but it seems a sort of odd pick. Mad Catz usually churns out tons of stuff, when they decide to make anything, so it's an odd fit. I TRIED to hype it as much as I could "It's in the Gear Store yayay" because things like this (1. costly 2. limited 3. numbered 4. like a statue) ALWAYS are in this big demand. If you don't score one now, you'll end up spending a bucket of money later. At 49.99 when just anyone can get one, you can imagine what happens when they're all sold out.

Yes, the chao hat is scary.

Next week?
Probably bootlegs, and hopefully fixes for some of the Sonic commercials. Apparently a ton have broken. But anyone who mentions it never refers replacements. Having to seek them out takes time away from the update--that's why they're not that frequently fixed. If you have any hot tips for replacement videos (people quit their account, get banned for some other video etc) by all means: Send 'em in!