Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bad is good for this week!

The one thing that doesn't get enough/much attention in Sonic stuff is the badguys.

Well, probably for good reason--as stated before people tend to like stuff of the heros because they just look cooler--Sonic vs. Eggman? No contest. (that's why so many eggman figures left on the shelves) but what about awesome villains like Metal Sonic? People can't get enough of him, but companies seem to ignore it. Still, it would be nice to release some trinkety things of the robots in the games.

They just look cool! There are some really clever/creative designs for the animal robots appearing throughout the games. Wouldn't it be fun to add these to your action figure collection? The way to do it has been covered in this week's update, with PVC figures. PVCs are small, cheap to make and buy, and colorful! If you get a good sculptor, they're accurate too. Pokemon has done this to great success. It is unfortunate that these are so rare.

The other startleing item for the update is the sewing kit. How out of left-field is that? To make it better, there's Metal Sonic on the lid! Amazing! When you think 'Sonic' you don't really thing 'sewing'...but it's good to add another item to the looong list of "everything Sonic the Hedgehog"!

Next week's update will be shirts. Again.
There's a real flood of shirt photos coming in, and Sears/Top Heavy is letting out many new designs to kick off summer. It's important to have these shirts on Gear right away, to let people know that now is the time to buy!