Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sonic Shirt Variants & Plushes

This week's update wasn't all that remarkable.
But, it was a good, solid update with plenty of stuff. The mail's down to 58 as well, lower than it has been in a while...a good sign. Mostly it was some more clothes (by topheavy and also mystery uk company) but all their stuff was a variant again. TH seems to be on an 'olive drab' kick which really stinks. If you don't know that color tends to be rather 'bleh' like pea soup green or someone's creative definition for 'dog barf'. Regardless of the color's merit on it's own, it just doesn't go with Sonic. It will not compliment his colors and brings up a clash rather than something that looks classy. Hopefully this trend does not last.

The other main news was that Sega Europe has wrangled some new plushes for the fans. They're pretty solidly designed, but they are not excellent. Some of the JP lines beat them, especially in Shadow's spikes and Amy's head shape. Still, they're a LOT LOT better than anything ToyNetbarf has ever put out so far. There's one for everyone too, Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Amy. They were labeled 'medium' so that gives rise to the thought of a multi-size release which is nice too. The only concerns remaining will be expense and availability. Plus, why does the USA and South America/Canada have to get the shaft again on decent plushes? The EU and UK already has GAME making the retros with some decent style...

Part of the problem with Sonic stuff is the bogus "Whateverland license" like, there's....something out there that makes companies BUY where they want to distribute to? Why should you have to pay to sell something to America? That doesn't make sense if you already made up all the things yourself and are going to post it on the internet. It just deprives people of their stuff. Hopefully some import store won't jack up the prices for the rest of the world.

If things continue to go all right with the mail a section could get some real work done with it. Either Shows, Comics or the Store.