Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Upcoming Update Skip

In combating the usual April Foolery that goes on around this time of year...
SonicGear had a good, big regular update. Plenty of new stuff in a good variety of categories. I generally try to combat all the fake news and shenanigans with actual content around April 1.  However another non-fools announcement:

NO update for ONE week.
Next week (the usual sunday night) will not have any update on it. It's going to skip 1 entire week, then everything will go back to normal. Hate to have to do an announcement on Aprl Fools Day because usually that's the biggest day ever for fake announcements. But it is real and it is not a big deal. Stuff can be sent in / submitted as usual. Responses & additions will just be made later.

Usual stuff:
How about that shirt with the mistake on it? Not coloring in the belly dot at all makes it look weird. Chances are, that if it's run off on one of those mass producing screen printer things, every single shirt will share the error on the run. If it got onto shelves, clearly nobody caught it. This is interesting because:

No one will probably notice or care:
It's a little kids/babies shirt. Babies don't know how Sonic looks and aren't good at spotting errors if you are 6. Parents buying it probably won't know either. Actual fans won't care because its so small it's an automatic 'non-buy' for 99% of everybody.

It's a pretty good track record:
Consider ALL of the Sonic shirts past, present & from all the various countries. How many of them have had errors like that? Maybe 1? Maybe none? So I figure quality control is doing really really well with tees, at least to date.

Not all that relevant but pretty funny anyway: A quote from someone named Camilla!
"Camilla von Karma: let's start up the opposite of brony movement
Camilla von Karma: for the sonic show
Camilla von Karma: if it's aimed at boys aged 6-11
Camilla von Karma: we can take it over and make it our own
Camilla von Karma: let's become the hedgehags"

Weekly "Where"?
1. Where is SBK Silver & Knuckles?
A fan sent in a packaged photo of the Silver, this one at least is obviously on shelves somewhere...so where are these guys? Only 1 TRU in the whole USA can't be the only store to have it.

2. Where are the Sonic Sheets, Blanket & Fleece?
All 3 modern items are confirmed to exist at Target stores (in the boys/kids bedding section) so why doesn't the webiste show them, and why aren't they available at every Target store?

Next time:
There may be a store update between now & the skipped update.