Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clothing Re Organization Update

This update was not too big...
Which was ok, because it gave a chance to re organize the Sonic Sleepwear section. A 2nd accidental page (made and then forgotten about) had a batch of stuff on there from 2012. So it was eliminated, the contents moved to the normal Sleepwear page & then a 2nd normal page was added to help hold some of the newly discovered stuff.

Oddly getting lots of summer looking stuff , new short-sleeves and all appearing in this unusually cold for the USA area winter. At least a couple of them are trying something different. It's no wonder submitter s are struggling with the designs, even I am having to go over and look stuff up to see if its not on the site because some of the designs are just so repetitive.

Item of the week:
Has to be the voice chip in the Zazz fan plush. A 1st for a fan item, an interesting addition to anything.

Unrelated news:
Sly Cooper & also Ratchet & Klank are getting theater movies, likely in CG. (Though Sly games were all cell shaded, weren't they?) This is interesting because I don't think anybody saw it coming and there are more popular characters who you would suspect that someone would throw money at first. What about that Drake uncharted guy? Or those Gears or War people? Nobody looks like those Gears people, so you'd have to do CG. Mega Man would be ineligible because Capcom is attempting to murder him or something.

Not entirely unrelated.....?
If these do well, does that mean someone would consider a Mario or a Sonic theater movie? Mario's live action was legendarily bad, but enough years have gone by that he might be granted another chance. But would you TRUST anyone ANYone with a Sonic movie? I kind of don't think I would. It seems like nobody who gets him knows what to do with him. They throw stupid stuff around like Werehogs, Human/Sonic romance, and Sonic Underground. After 4 shows there's been only 1 that like...actually involved Sega characters and had Sega-like plots. (Sonic X)

The new "Sonic" show doesn't count (yet) because we know they are re-modeling the characters for no reason & no one has actually seen an ep.

Next week:
Likely more music. Maybe some older items too if everything stays semi-quiet.