Sunday, March 06, 2016

Update Of Questions & Traffic Lack

(Finally, a blog post about the actual Gear update)
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This update brings several items with questions. Everything from 'what is this even' to 'where to buy' and 'is it any good' all go unanswered this week. It's mostly due to lack of fans finding anything to send in. (where they actually found it themselves)

What's the problem?
I think it is a combined problem of "not enough traffic to Sonic Gear*" any more, and also a bit of a lack in goods likely spawned by Boom. When someone just finds something on Ebay and sends it over, it usually doesn't come with any info related to it. If it isn't obvious what it is, or where it's from, it's even worse ending up on an unknown page. Of course, all this can (and mostly is) be solved later on when fans see a thing they're familiar with & write in to help out with info for credit.

Item of the week:
3 Piece Ceramic Sonic tableware set. Ceramic stuff is great when it's not just mugs! It's generally long lasting, uncommon, and cool to be able to use every day to eat with. From what fans say, most everyone loves having something Sonic they can use reliably every day, and a plate/bowl would be it. The sad part is the distribution is likely low & the quality is unknown as of yet. Hopefully both issues clear up.

"But those UK Shirts are new AND modern"
This is something that's been heard & is likely true in 2016. Now, this is just "suspected" info, but I kind of suspect it's true. In the USA all the clothing companies had their Modern Sonic license revoked so they would be forced to do "Boom or bust". While the fans had past assurances that "Boomstyle" wasn't going to be forced down on everyone....well maybe that's not true any more. No 2016 or even late 2015 modern piece of clothing in the USA has been non-boom. It looks like UK makers may be holding the exception to the rule. Is there anywhere else, though?


The Sonic Stadium tweeted this out

Is it a backpack that is somehow also a scooter? Everyone is confused and they don't appear to have a source. Hopefully someone finds something about this mashed up item.

Sonic Mega Drive: Alert #1
The Mega Drive is a special issue of the Archie Sonic comic that has a NEW story done in the classic style. It's in "Super Special" format, which means it will have more pages than a normal issue. The art for the cover is in knockoff style of the 'Japan screen saver' & it will carry the 25th Anniversary mark.
It appears it will release on July 6 2016.
Likely comic book shop only
Price likely 3.99

Somewhat disappointing, if it's shop only...since some cities have no shops left, and others won't hold single issues without year+ subscription commitments. Hopefully something changes & you can buy it on the Archie website. A second alert will be posted as the date approaches.

*How does one solve the traffic to Gear problem?
No idea. Google itself kind of wrecked the ads. Gear's main focus is still "help people get what they want & have fun looking and learning" but they did something to the ads a while back where they're not as relevant as they once were. This means that the shops that should advertise are somehow not getting to do so for reasons unknown. Did something similar happen to the general natural traffic flowing from searches as well? It is a mystery.

Next Week:
More clothing & likely a really strange hat