Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gear is AFK for a week

This week's update will not occur.
Why? I won't actually be there to do it. I'm effectivly away from any PCs until the 6th (though not by 100% choice, this isn't some kind of vacation) The 6th is a sunday, though so the next update could be on a monday, however nothings' 100%.

This is just a mini-note to let everyone know that there's nothing wrong with SonicGear, and that updates will return to the regular schedule soon.

What will be on the update when it does arrive?
Likely a grab-bag, unless there's a flood of a certain kind of item. It's about time for another variety style update to occur, so that means plenty of interesting things in many of the catagories, as well as some new facts.