Sunday, August 25, 2019

Figures Are Back! Jakks Pacific Sonic Bendy Figures 2019

Good news!
Action Figures (sort of) are back! Jakks Pacific has chosen to release bendy figures as their first Sonic offering after gaining the modern license. These are in TARGET in August 2019. They're in the 'video game toys' section, which should be in the actual toy aisles. They are starting out at 9.99 each.

*These were discovered this week/as the post is made on Aug 26, however will go onto Gear with the following week's update.

Opinion Zone:
Jakks Pacific's first showing? VERY GOOD.
They chose Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow as their first wave. All modern.
These are all good decisions.
They combine bendy figure AND action figure - also a good move.
The heads are action figure heads NOT made of bendy-material & are fastened on so you can turn the head like you would an action figure. This is great, because it allows the faces to have better quality and nicer details.

Price 9.99
It's a bit high for a bendy. However the figures are 4 inches, which is larger than a standard bendable, but smaller than a huge one (Ex. that old expensive Shadow/Sonic w/base set)

2nd Toy:
You get TWO toys in every package though.
The 2nd toy is a little odd....
It's a rolling wheel / disk toy with a very pixelated character. It seems to have 'pop out' feet/body for standing, which then push inward to make a disk you can roll because why? Disk. Shadow never gets himself as a disk toy, which shorts them by 1 character so someone will have Amy. Another odd move because it implies an Amy bendy where there's not one.

Jakks Pacific = Good Guys
The boxes look good & different. Bubbles seem stable. Figure quality/likenesses are all good. There haven't been bendies on shelves for YEARS so kids could easily get roped in with these. They don't feel stupid or stale like what Tomy was doing. I'm very positive about all of this. The wheels are a little weird, but we'll see how it does at 9.99 for each.

As a figure collector, I can actually get on board with these as a good decision, and a good first showing from them. I'm not generally a big bendy fan, but these ARE very nice and the quality is easy to see. I hope this is one of absolute tons of great new Sonic stuff that fans will see on shelves from this new company.

Sega Online Art -
Isn't this just very cute?

Next week: Obviously bendy coverage galore.
It'll also have 1 Korea plush per week till they're all gone.
It finally did run out of blankets, though.