Monday, November 12, 2007

Technology Has Come a 'small' way!

This week's update for was "Controller & TV Games"

What are Controller & TV Games? They're a relativly new invention, made possible by the ability of "making things smaller". As computers advance, they also seem to get smaller at the same time. These things are proof! There also doesn't seem to be an 'official' name for them either.

The concept is that they are a controler (replica of the old Genesis/Megadrive one, or a replica of something like a GameGear) that has 2 wires attached. Since most TVs now have those round plug holes in the front, you simply plug it in there, and play old console games. Nothing else is needed. Of course, you have only the games programmed into the controller but...they're not that expensive. It's certainly better than LCD games.

Comparing fun:
Do you have an old Genesis or Megadrive? That AND the big rectangle cartridge is what used to be required to play the games like Sonic 1, Sonic & Knuckles etc. Now ALL of that fits in just the space of the old controller! Amazing! Especially if you own the older, "Giant Genesis" like I do. Also, if you pick up a GameGear today, you'll find that it is giant compared to...well, everything else portable.

These games are an all right way to experiment with older Sonic content (that is still very fun!) without shelling out for a console (even an older one) and cartridges/cds whatever. The interesting thing is, that all the games on them are seldom 100% Sonic, but the manufacturers will throw him all over the box to 'headline' their product. They know Sonic sells!

What's up next week?
It is likely the update will be on time again, and it should have fan items, and possibly some music as well. The future is looking toward getting up a TV shows section, and something on the actual games. Both of these are very content-intesive, with video clips, photos, screen caps, and lotsa writing, so when they come, they'll be big updates.