Monday, December 01, 2014

Old Goldmine - Sega EU

Another week, another not-much-happening.
With submissions of items or item availability at a low, it was time to reach into the ancient mail & try to take it as an opportunity to get more old stuff that built up long ago onto the site. It may take longer, but it did produce some interesting stuff.

The main thing that turned up was an image archive done by Sega Europe.
This is good, because their photos can be re used since it's a company doing pics of licensed stuff they actually want to promote, so sharing it on Gear is ok. (Why'd it get missed? LOADS of stuff in 1 archive on a week where there were already 10 plus things and 7 questions needing answers)

So, the future couple updates will have that stuff, some of it somewhat rare, plus this years' round of fall-to-winter season transition of clothing. Yes, that means more tees & more double-sleeves. Every time a season changes, clothing companies let out more designs. (Why tees in winter? Who knows, it just seems there's no stopping them, which is fine anyway.)

Another one?
When you thought the calendar of crud was comes another one. Too bad 'uncle sam Sonic' or whatever that is, is clearly incomplete. (Unless they believe in tacky swimtrunks day) We need this doll in all its dumb glory. I truly wonder how many different stupid designs these guys had. Usually if something is terrible it refuses to sell and just gets crushed (As is right) however, these things defy logic.

Why is this post so short?
Nothing seems to be going on. No figure, comic, game, or anything news. Too early for Boom verdicts on 'success or not'.

Next week:
Tees & European slightly older stuff! Expect calls to place stuff to countries where it was actually sold out of/to, because the source doesn't mention that bit much.