Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sweets Paradise Sonic Popup Cafe

This update brings an all new page!
It's a Japan Fan Place page that covers the Sweets Paradise 'pop up' temporary Sonic theme cafe. The 25th Anniversary celebration re-themed the cafe with Sonic style for several weeks in 2016. Of course, there was a lot to cover, so it ended up taking up a whole page of Gear with stuff. So now, everyone can see what going there would have been like. The main features were:

Wall posters & art, merchandise sort of 'photo op' shelves, 6 Sonic themed foods, 6 Sonic themed drinks, and prize items of coasters & stickers that you could get when you bought the food or drinks.

It is a 'snack cafe'.
The foods are little items on purpose, they're not meant as meals or desserts. Everything's fairly inexpensive too, about 4 dollars per food or drink. That sort of thing isn't super common in the USA at least, so it's important to note.

Opinion Zone....of other people?
Yep. The majority of reading you'll do about the cafe food is that "it looks terrible". I'm not going to sit here and disagree, but it IS time to analyze!

Black Curry: Yeah this stuff's not common outside Japan I guess. Nobody knows what it is, but it's black lumps in black liquid in which a white disk is sitting.
Tails Noodle Bowl: The 'cheese' on top of this bears far too much resemblance of the shame of America "American Flavored Cheese-Food Product Slice Individually Wrapped: Contains Dairy Solids". (But, is, of course, a cheap chemical concoction that's not allowed to be called 'cheese' due to how little 'dairy solids' are actually within. America being home of bacon-flavored spray-"cheese" in an aerosol can wasn't enough, you see.*)
Eggman Omelet Eggroll - It's full of rice and sitting in a brown pool of something
Amy Cake -Looks like freezer to microwave pre-prep
Sonic Chili Dog - Sad 'sauce' instead of chili on a thin oddly colored sausage. This isn't a "Big Dog" or a Bratwurst or anything you'd expect.
Sonic Roll Cake: Another 'freezer pre-prep'

"Stuff sitting in pools of liquid", something that looks like fake cheese (even if it isn't) and a poor imitation of a "good ole' fashion chili dog" aren't going to appeal to people who aren't used to stuff like that, but ARE used to Philly cheese-steaks, big-dogs & cakes. You can see where the opinions are going to come from.

Suspiciously, none of these tell the actual flavor of the drink. That generally isn't a good sign, since it's so easy to do: "Bright tropical tastes of pineapple, coconut and a twist of lime make this Character Drink cool & fruity fun!" Also, Knuckles' drink isn't grape, which is a bit sad. (Knuckles' favorite flavor is grape)

WAS the food actually good?
Nobody knows as there's no one who went that posted up a review. Who could have been amazing. But, no matter because it IS cool to see.

*Are you not in America?
Both of these things are 100% real, no exaggeration and people buy them. And presumably eat it.

Where's Archie? (In Riverdale)
More people are writing about how they're on the Archie mailing list (it gives out discounts occasionally) and no longer seeing any Sonic content.
They spent A BUNDLE on "Riverdale" the 'spooky weird mystery show' that's live-action Archie and friends on TV. There's ads everywhere, and they spent tons of cash making it happen. They're 100% NOT going to want to distract anyone from it at this point because they require its success. So, every media outlet and mailer they have will be devoted to it for quite some time.
This is not something to be concerned over.

Next Week:
More clean up, some older Japan items for sure.