Wednesday, March 12, 2014

UK Spotlight & My Favorite Item Type

This week sees the UK area in the spotlight.
That's great because the USA stuff had been pretty much the only thing posted for a couple of weeks. It's best when every/lots of countries get in on the Sonic merch action & variety. Sadly though, it looks like it's all from 1 place that doesn't ship outside the UK area, which especially annoys parts of Europe because they're so close but then can't get the item anyway. Hopefully the stuff shows up on websites that do ship world wide so all the fans can have fun with the stuff if they want to.

My Favorite Item Type...
Leads to...
The Item of the Week:
Ice Cube Tray!

My favorite Sonic item type (though I am a bigtime tee & figure collector) is the quirky, unexpected, and just plain ODD item. Something where you'd never expect Sonic to show up...that's a kind of thing I really enjoy, especially when it's well made. Things that make more Sonic content (trace-able items, stamps, etc) are also appealing and this fits right in. Make all the Sonic face ice you want.
I don't even care that it's classic. You can see right away why they picked classic/winking/forward facing, it's so that the ice will easily come out of the shape tray. Rounded shapes are best, so forward-facing was the way to go.
The graphic is sort of funny, but does it imply to make the face ice then 'kill' him by putting it in the drink?

*I wonder if the ice actually comes out decently. Does it look like faces or is the detail really low and subtle? I hope someone actually takes a photo of some ice. What if you put pudding in there and froze it. I think you can shove jello into those things as well, most of the time. I would have like 100 wierd Sonic concoctions of food if I had that thing. You could bet they'd be all over the internet.

Jazwares getting worse at dolls?
Mutant gear this week sees that as a possibility. EntertainmentEarth website didn't carry these from day 1, so this particularly terrible Sonic & Shadow must be from a later batch...and boy do they belong on Mutant Gear. It's hard to believe those are even official. Ugh.

USA Target Shoppers!
Are you in the USA? Do you go to Target? Take a look around the bed stuff, as Sonic Sheets Set/some kind of bed items could appear in coming weeks. Nothing confirmed price-wise, but if this stuff appears everywhere AND it's modern it's going to make a ton of fans happy. A lot of mail Gear gets is devoted to people wanting Sonic bed stuff and not being able to get it. (importing from Europe is too expensive for big items like comforters for most people) Those classic style fleeces are fine (and numerous...) but they'll never replace real sheets.

Next week:
Probably will contain the long-sought "Tails Stocking". And could be pretty much anything else. Possibly a store update.