Monday, July 23, 2012

On Including Info for Items...

This week's post is a tad topical.
The update went up on time, with plenty of stuff, so all is well on the site. MAYbe another update later in the week, to take care of the Gear Store end of things, especially regarding the books part of it.

Item info:
Sonic Through Time (the JW line) has been spotted at Kmart for 5.99 a figure
The Gacha Danglers are probably price dropped from 2.99 to 1.99, if you can find them still
Sears is beginning to get the fall selection of Sonic shirts in
Marshalls stores can have NKOK items
Meccano can distribute to the USA if it so chooses, as it has done so in the past

All these facts came from fans submitting them either along with an item (in which case it's on there along with the rest of the description) or just in an email. However, there are some people that can send things and not say anything at all about the item. Like, there's a Tshirt in the img holding area that I dont even know what country it came from.

A good rule:
If you want to know where something came from, or how much it costs, be sure to include that info with anything you send in....because everyone else would like to know too!

Clearly this doesn't apply to just random web stuff / found images / ebay photos where who knows even where the seller got the thing........but if you own it/found it in a store, or anything like that, adding the info is super helpful. Like the Gacha tip, loads more people will scoop up the remaining ones now that they're only 1.99. (Too bad most Target stores never restocked!)

Item of the week:
Explanation for strange Sonic X trailer. The explanation will cause it to move onto prototypes, as it's a prototype for the actual show. Interesting on that fact alone! A prototype show? How unusual! It's also interesting to see the different concepts they tossed around, as well as the stuff that never appeared in the final show.

Hopefully, another Sonic show gets made, maybe with a different theme?
Like one where it's not Earth, like in the one trailer. It's also odd they had Sonic at various sizes...I guess personally I always envisioned him as a teen/human size thing, not this very small 3ft high whatever they have him as in Sonic X. I don't know where I got that notion from, but I guess it was like "Well of course he's average person sized, he's a person, not a tiny fairy or literal small animal".

X is still running in the USA, so clearly it's a great show & was/is popular. If another got made by Japan, it'd at least make as much sense as X, and then hopefully it would come across better globalized (as you remember, X was censored up everywhere but Japan, removing plot points & etc...which frustrates the fans because they're getting denied content)

Next week:
Hopefully dipping into more old mail. There are still goodies in there, and the goal is to be completely caught up with the mail for the site. Probably the Gear Store too...Archie has been busy it's time to be able to keep up with them, so a new section may appear to add convenience. The mail is still looking better, so things are looking up for the site!