Monday, June 12, 2017

More Modern Merch

Better news this week...
With an actual modern-stuff update. Plus, actual items getting sent in again by viewers. Both of these are good news. It's getting a bit more toward the 'bottom of the barrel' of older stuff in the image bins. Hence the 'mystery things' and a few more boring stuffs showing up.

Oddest Item:
This thing doesn't get 'item of the week' because it's actually pretty lame: the Sonic Sunglasses. These things look like a ripoff. It's something you'd expect from a bootleg. Some generic, rainbow tacky pair of kiddy glasses and they slap a itty bitty tiny Sonic logo on the bridge and that's it...then they try to call it Sonic merchandise. Stuff like that is annoying. It LOOKS fake, and you can just feel the cheapness. There's nothing actually cool or Sonic about it, it's so obviously just a stupid tiny stamp.

This tee this week is actually the first of several. They may be all classic styled, but at least major stores are getting Sonic back on shelves. Is Boom still interfering with licensing in the USA? It's looking that way, at least with the spring season stuff that's showed up so far. Unfortunate, as no-matter what they do it all always looks like something everyone already has several of, except brand-new fans. (Who aren't coming into the fandom now anyway because there's no new game out to drum them up)

Party stuff. Party City has apparently done a whole NEW Sonic party line, that's NOT Boom, and everything for it has already been gathered. It'll all go up in 1 page next week. The hat and plastic cup were split off because they're not expressly 'party', but they ARE a part of the PC 2017 line they just let out.

So, over-all pretty good news.
The best would be having a decent amount of stuff around and buy-able upon release of Mania, as that's sure to bring in more new fans & re-energize Sonic to a degree...if they can get the gameplay right. The merch situation doesn't seem to be slowing down either, more like a low but steadier flow of people finding things, like how it used to be.