Friday, July 23, 2010

Archie Holds A Contest

Archie Sonic Comic is holding a contest.
There isn't really anywhere appropriate to post this news directly onto SonicGear, so here it goes. If you look in the first issue of the Tails Arc in Sonic Universe Comic, you'll see a Tails Fan Art Contest has been announced. You can win:

Sonic-plush backpack, a Sonic and Knuckles T-shirt, and a Sonic and Tails pin set, plus your art gets into an issue of the comic.

ALL of this stuff is already on SonicGear, so you can freely use it to get a better look at the prizes if you want to. It's not a bad bunch of swag at all, and it's pretty cool to see an actual contest in the comic giving away real merch. A nice boon for the fans!

Nag of the week:
PLEASE LOOK before sending in items to SonicGear. I have rejected the SEVENTEETH set of photos for the new Jazwares line. (Espio, Vector, SS's etc) because everyone keeps sending it in for some reason, it is getting crazy. It's really the only time this has happened, and it's all always the same set of photos. It's really strange.
These shots have been up for weeks and weeks on the JW page and also in the update block. It is eating into the update time to have to reject this photo set so many times. Only items which do not already appear on the site are able to be added.

Mini Nag-
Chinese porn bot commentor on this blog is turning up the heat by posting many more p0rn comments now that they're getting rejected as soon as they appear. Will it become more angry, or just go away?

Item/s of the week:
HAS to be the Sonic & Shadow throw pillows. Fantastic materials, great embroidery, stylish designs, well-done art. Everything about them seems totally fantastic. I will be aquiring these pillows. It's rare that I see an item that I just need to go and get, but these are really it. Hopefully some info on where to find them shows up soon. They are way too classy to pass up. Hopefully they're a nice size, too...not too big or too tiny.

Sonic Colors Pre Order Item:
It was recently announced that the freebie for either version (DS or Wii) if pre'd at GameStop would be the Spikes Only Sonic Hat. (seen on usa accessories) The hat itself is quite an interesting idea, and seems well executed. However, it's more geared toward cosplay or ginjika type use rather than something 'just anyone' would really want. The hat is already taking flak on the internet for this. I do wonder what the percentage of people who appriciate vs. shun the item really is. It is likely to be for regular retail later.

Next week:
Could be anything. More mail-bag for sure, and if any news shows up at comic-con (remember, that's going on this weekend) it'll appear...though, it isn't likely anything Sonic related will occur there.