Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Action Figure update

This update was pretty much under the excuse of celebrating the Black Knight's Sonic figure release. It also turned out to be pretty action-figurey anyway, but it would have been regardless of the release of the figure. That's just the way news works sometimes.

The figure itself doesn't look that impressive in the box, but I HAVE seen a nice real out of box shot (belonging to another blog so can't post) and I have to say that from that it looks really solid. The head sculpt impresses me but I really need a hands on with it for any final calls. Still, so far it looks like Jazwares is in the fans' corner bringing it to the stores with their good sculpting. Werehog was impressive as well, they're riding high now with 2 for 2 on their new guys. May that continue.

As talked about last week, the rarest mug also went up courtesy of Alessandaro who really seems to have it all, or the willpower to get it all--which is fantastic. If anyone was going to get this mug, I'd have to think it would be him. So now while everyone can't own it at least it can be seen.

Anger Issue:
Did you SEE the prototype Megabot Shadow? ARGH BLARGH why did they release that stupid bs one when they HAD that one?? The world may never know. Megabot shadow was EASILY the weakest figure on that line. The stupid round mouth? The poor paint? The not so hot sculpt? The pizza-wedge body? He's got 'em all bad. But their prototype had a really good head! It rivaled the Figures/Emeralds head too, only this one seemed to have more expression. TERRIBLE shame this figure never made it out with the better head. People would have been impressed.

New USA Plushes
Toyglobe (the website) out of the blue posts these new plushes. As far as I know TG is just some online retailer. They don't have the ability to actually make things, so where are these coming from? Their page had like these distorted (like badly formatted or something) photos so I could only snag Cream, Silver and Super Sonic. (I wont post messed up shots that decieve) They've taken to using shiny fabric to make SS and Silver, which is a bit odd. IS Super Sonic actually shiny? He seems to glow but...I don't know if there's been an official like...statement made anywhere. SSJ Goku certainly didn't obtain chrome hair it just switched from black to yellow...but who knows.
Thier Silver is another issue. From the tiny photo he looks bad. I have to say it looks like a poor job with mishapen head spikes and a whopper nose. Again, more detail is needed before anyone can really judge, but it's not looking good. Attack of the metallic fabric isn't necisary here either because in the game really he looked WHITE. I have a shirt with offical art too and he's white there also. (Note: I do not own a ps3 or 360 though I'd like to and have never played it)

Where's that new thing...
Yes the new page. Coming out probably on a mid-week update this week. I've got the page made, even, but I want an excuse to jump back into the email box and get some more stuff out of there.

Next week?
Depends on if I can get the SBK figure or not. If I do get it, it'll be a full photos hands on review. If not, it'll be mail bag probably without a theme. Bootleg stuff is sure to appear though.