Thursday, March 24, 2011

Late update & return of...

What held up the update?
A nonvacation. That is, a time-off that wasn't particularly entertaining. However, late as it is, the update appears in full-force.

Thing to marvel at of the week:
A 10th Anniversary Sonic Ring sold on ebay (out of the UK) 168/500 complete with it's documentation/box etc for 595 or so dollars plus about 4o to ship it. It is always fascinating to watch these 'grail type' items appear and sell for huge sums. Certainly, it lives up to its "Super Sonic Gear" status once again.
*Fact pointed out by JordanxSonic

This week's update also marks the return of a very old SonicGear feature:
Widgetscribble Sonics. These little things were scattered around the site at the beginning. They were a bit of a place-holder thing as the pages were being populated with images. But, they too had fans so now a couple of them are new. One will be easy to spot (since it's on an updated page) the other will not be. Of course, it's more of the silly nonsense they always were.

It could be just me...
But are the poses on the new FYE Sonic Shadow shirt that appeared this week a little odd? I mean...what is Sonic supposed to be doing? Is it some sort of gesture? I know it's the latest stock released by Sega (a great thing! keep it fresh! USE it!) but...? I mean, eventually one will run out of poses to put a body in, has it occurred here? I don't mind, and will try to aquire this shirt anyway.

WTH of the week- Knuckle Creature
Seriously. Scary & bizzarre all at once. I can't help but think this is some sort of wierd Munny like item but it's had plushwork done to it. But why? It's just super odd. I also imagine it's not a fake, but rather some kind of pet project. No one would mistake it for Knuckles--it is just very odd.

State of the site:
Doing well despite the lateness. Mail is getting cleaned out more (238 or so) which is still progress. Next week could be anything--no specific plan in place or visible trend in the remaining mail.