Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sonic 4 Weekend

Finally got Sonic 4 this weekend.
Tried to get it during the week (when everyone else did) but the PSN won't take ANY of the credit cards. Not even 1 out of 4 of them would work, despite different companies (visa, discover, master, etc) it always just blather out 'CC data not correct try again.' So the advice was to wait a day or 2, then do it again.

Yeah well those cards work in 99% of stores in the USA both online and off. Totally frusterating to have the store just say 'take a hike, you can't buy this' like 10x in a row. So I got dissapointed sat. night, tried to get the demo. If you click 'demo store' and then press 'Sonic 4 demo' only takes you to a buy-only icon. Fantastic. I can't even try the thing out.

So...only choice is to drive to the Gamestop and buy a stupid psn card (with the SAME credit card PSN doesn't think is real! IRONY), spending 20 instead of 14.99, and use it. By the time I had returned I got to play Sonic 4 for 10 minutes. Whee. Thanks Sony. NOT.

Info tidbit:
Jazwares IS making Charmy Bee figure, but it won't appear until 2011
"Invisible Espio" will be produced, and be slightly purple/clear
Info discovered by: Strap

As you may have noticed this week...ANOTHER Jazwares correction appears. Remember those black lines around Super Sonic's eye edges? Well they've painted over them now...poorly. You can see their lumpy paint job in a comparison shot spotted by a fan who bought both sets. Why do they keep insisting upon punishing fans who buy the item first? Why can't they just make the figure right the first time? Supposedly these new guys have better-fitting heads as well. It's not like it's incredibly difficult to look at art and then say 'make the figure look like the art. If it's not plaid, don't put plaid!' Certainly, their sculptor is on the ball...figures have NEVER looked this good! So what's up with the paint problems they get?

Either way, you'll probably notice the change as the sets get re-stocked. I will be painting over mine with white acrylic, instead of buying it again. It's far too late to return it/exchange it, and now that the white is official, I'm pretty sure I can do a better job with Liquitex & a brush.

Matter of Agitation:
WHERE is the news of world wide wisps? Australia got ANOTHER photo for their pre-order guys, and they're looking fantastic. Everybody's going to want them, so why is news so scarce? Nothing's even been confirmed for EU, North America or anything, and those 3 areas (USA, CAN, EU) are big buyers! At least announce something to make the fans stop worrying.

Next Week:
This week's update went really well. Nice and fast, with good variety. Everyone should be pleased as many categories as well as many countries got used. Plushes are always a fan-fave too. STILL looking for a SP Tails to get my hands on, for the in depth figure review, hopefully that'll show up next week. Clothing may appear, and the focus could be on vintage items. It all depends on the mail