Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Season @ SonicGear

This holiday season has been SUPER busy.
Just getting the updates out on time has been really hard to do. Some of them havn't come out that great either--short on stuff or simply cut off. Last week's update had no blog post OR second half as it should have due to a router that died. All the time was eaten up trying to fix it or get the network going again. (added trouble to the already busy!)

This week, with a new router in place, the 2nd half of the update carries on as usual. A few interesting things to note on this one...

GE+ Modern Sonic Plush?
As you know, GE has been releasing some GREAT classic style Sonic dolls. It's also "About damm time" America got something like that. Japan always has had more than its share, and even Europe has had some goodies with the new super high end dolls and the GAME store carrying classics as well. This update sees their first modern one, in a very large (presumably, no real details in yet) size. And....he's just ok. Maybe it's the super size (patterns do not always scale well) but only time will tell if their modern dolls live up to their classics.

Cutest item of the week:
Amy Key cap, hands down. Amy has never been that 'awww cute' of a character to me, but this key cap is really adorable. Tails CAN be super cute, but he can also be cool/normal. His key cap was also adorable. I want to collect the Amy one as well. (what about Sonic's, you ask? They used an old stock art on him while making up all new for Amy & Tails)

Another Fan Car:
Fan cars always impress, and this one is no exception to the rule. It's an active car too, which adds intrest. It headlines page 13 of fan items...which also got quite a few more things in.

Next Week:
Probably will have Virtual Items & Shirts, at the least. Other things will be news/submissions dependant.

Soon, I hope to be able to move SonicGear. The computer that it's on will be the only thing that changes. IF all goes well, no one will notice. If not, it could skip a couple of updates. A real formal announcement will be made on the site and the blog when the time approaches, but it IS coming. Hopefully, it'll be after the holidays, like mid-jan some time. If something goes wrong (or very right) it may be sooner but it should be mentioned.