Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Case of the Wilting Werehog

As Xmas approaches...
The updates are a bit hard to do, but they'll all come out in a timely (hopefully enough) manner. However, not everything can stay precicely on schedule as evidenced by this very post and the 2 part nature of the update.

This update had the hands-on with Wave 2 of the JW figures.
I was fortunate to be able to get them ahead of any mail floods and just get the review up. This is another good wave, much in the style of the last one. However, if Jazwares even KNOWS about this site or blog (I doubt it) they'd be "Having A Cow, Man". Only Bart's phrase is appropriate here and you'll see why...

"Why the HFIL does THE REVIEW SITE get the ONE BROKEN GUY???aaarghwekjrwehjt!"

Is likely what they'd say if they knew either of these 2 places existed on the web to help them shill their stuff. Because yes, I managed to score a defective Werehog. The most top-heavy figure on the whole line and it has a bum knee that totally disables it from standing, at all, ever. Yeah, the one busted guy out of the whole run and I'm the one that gets it. It wouldn't matter if little Jonny Q Public out in Arizona somewhere picked him up because really, what's he gonna say? (not much, he's 12 and just wanted to play with it not run a whole website)

It would even matter less if it was a Tails or a Shadow or somebody like that, that doesn't have the 2-ton solid plastic upper body, it would matter less if it wasn't the LEG THAT HOLDS HIM UP on the BASE...but noooo it was the Werehog...the guy I don't like...the guy who I would hate to have to buy again, the most reluctant re-buy because I'm not fond of the char itself...but will have to later on because this one won't stand...ughhhh...and now I blabber about it on a blog that people actually read o noes.

See how bad that is?
It creates a storm of nasty because 1 bum figure fell into the exact wrong hands. I don't know who's bad luck it is either, (theirs or mine) but it's no good. Especially because like "Turning Tails Tails" he's impossible to detect while still in the box. No one will know if they've got a wilting werehog or a Tails Dissapointment until they actually open them up, making it non-return-able.

Waiting to be seen...
Whether this is really an isolated incidend (I got unlucky) or if it's wide-spread and lots of people's guy just collapses with 180 degree knees. I'm sure I'll find out either way as Gear fields a lot of complaints and warnings.

Big news...
They're making Big. Big was the prototype that went up this week. And...not surprisingly, he looks good. Curiously, that isn't a shock to anyone. Big ALWAYS looks good, which is a goodbad because who really likes Big? By nature, he is not cool. He does not have tons of fans and everyone clamoring for more Big shirts and Big stuff. I personally don't like big, but I'm not going to grudge any Bigfans their Big stuff either. More Sonic/stuff ? = more power.

However, I DO find it highly curious that no matter what company picks this guy up, they always do a great and highly accurate job with him, even if they botch up Sonic & co. to the nth degree. ToyIsland 6inch line Big was fantastic and well accessorized--but their big 3 (STK) stunk. ReSaurus had some decent Sonics (compared with Jazwares today, they look a little poorer) but their Big...was spot on! Even the dastardly ToyNetwork (makers of mutant plush) makes quite decent Bigs while they cannot sew a Sonic to save their souls! (from what, I'm not sure) It is a Big mystery.

A much needed clothing update was also carried out on the first half, it had been sitting around for a while due to much mail. Good to see busy/loud co. doing another predictably un-wearably tacky shirt to collect. (yes I do own a few) after their while-abscence.

Since the update is in 2 parts so will the blog post be, with the 2nd part coming on the 23rd.