Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SweeToon Sonic: What is it & what's new?

There's a new company around!
This week's update saw the addition of SweeToon to SonicGear, with a load of new food! Why haven't you heard of it? Because it appears to be an Arabic-speaking/writing/Arabia general area marketing sort of company. They don't actually make the foods themselves, they appear to be a license getter company that pairs up food makers and licensed characters to produce products. It's like how a notebook maker may get a Sonic license, and then do notebooks with all sorts of Sonic themes.

Is it good?
Yes! Probably. More modern Sonic products to please the fans are always long as the quality is nice and it makes sense. They've got a LOT of stuff out too, they don't just go little by little, their Sonic launch has the following items (All seen on SonicGear)

Mini marshmallows
Character heads marshmallow lollypops
Big chocolate bar with filling
Thin chocolate bar
Chocolate drops
Nutella (type) hazelnut spread
Hazelnut spread dippers packs
Chocolate flavor cereal
Corn flake cereal
Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treat Blocks
Chocolate Prize Eggs

That's no small start.
Plus, they're running ads with CG Sonic in them and generally seeming to be responsible about letting people know about these.

Any problems?
It's not available everywhere. With how 'collectible' the Sonic pasta shapes was over here in the USA, you'd have to think these would drive 'em wild. The eggs were 'made in Italy', but are they sold there too? Italy has plenty of fans so you'd hope so. (It also never writes SonicGear)

Any complaints?
Yes, but only a little so far and it's "The items ARENT Sonic themed".
It holds up...but not all the way. The majority of the items ARE in fact generic! Only the marshmallow lollys, chocolate drops and prize eggs are actually Sonic themed with shapes/stamps/prizes that are Sonic related. Every other item is just a general item with Sonic characters printed onto it. Some people will never care and say it's fine, while others will say that the packaging isn't enough and it's a cheap cash grab aimed at fooling kids.
Opinion zone:
If the food is actually good and kids like it because it has Sonic & co on there why is it bad? Sure the cereal would be more fun with Sonic shapes marshmallows or something, and the hazelnut spread is a little fishy because it looks just like a Nutella jar for no reason but it's over all a positive thing, especially if they let it out of the area.

Anti Item of the Week:
Sonic "Glastache", its totally unrelated to a mustache, you likely couldn't wear it around, it's a Spencers item so its likely too expensive for little kids to use it as a mask and...what exactly is this thing FOR? Halloween maybe? It's as baffling as their 'anti pocket watch'. (The pocket watch that has spikes so it won't fit into pockets)

New Neoclassic art:
Now on a messenger bag from Japan. It's classic 'really leaning' Sonic, and it's pretty good. Nice to see more new art so stuff doesn't get looking stale/repetitive whether its new or old.

Next week:
Probably a few more things related to Sonic Mania directly or indirectly. Like, the 'around the world' pixel tee is an item made for Mania even though it doesn't say it is.