Monday, September 10, 2012

JW Repackaging & Sonic Lights

2 themes for the week! Lights & Repackages.
Hope you like toys...because this post is all about them...mostly. The other is a cool statue report so be sure to read to the bottom!

Jazwares appears to be rolling out repackages for several/possibly most of their stuff. The new packages are brighter/lighter (not so much black/gray/green, more like pale gray/white/orange) and seem fresh because of it. It's likely to help them stand out vs other toys that are likely to surround the Sonic stuff on shelves, which, if you look in your stores...are likely to be in dark packages for whatever reason. Counter a fad, and you'll stand out.

Also to be noted is the LACK of the 20th Anniversary logo.
That likely means that they intend to have these things on shelves through 2013. The "Anniversary" period was kind of considered over with when summer ended but the close of 2012 will certainly make nonsense of it if the logos were to persist. However, it could be asked: "Is that good OR bad?"

Could go either way.
Some of their items NEED to be re-released, new package or not. This includes:

Riders figures Babylon Rogues
Modern mini figure set
Giant Metal Sonic
Super Hedgehogs 3 Pack w/corrected emeralds

All of the above either had horrible distribution...some states getting either no figures at all, or too few, or, like giant Metal, were so popular, they'd still fly off shelves. The emeralds thing is a correction, so it gives people a chance to at least get a fixed set. However, it's good to not flood the market with stuff that's in a new package but saturated already so...could go either way.

What's up with light up?
If you've been minding the updates, you'll notice loads of Sonic themed light up toys. Earlier it was flash light figure & projecting it's figures with light up features. Why all of a sudden? Who knows. It's kind of cool, and the things are priced pretty fairly so go for it, I guess? The "morphlites" MAY move to Display Figures, depending on what they really do. After all, F4F has light up display figures on that page, but 'morph' seems to indicate that they actually do something.

Interesting Reported Note of the week:
That giant Sonic statue on 'statues' with the faux metal base, the same one that's at Alton Towers is actually an item-item, in that it could be bought and sold. It may be a candidate for "High End". Usually statues and fiberglass things like that are 1 or 2-offs, and thus aren't eligible for a page like High End. However this alert fan proves otherwise!

"I actually am lucky enough to own one of them, and thought you might like a bit more information on it.

* This one has a metal plate on the base with the makers mark from this company
* It weighs about 120 kilo's including the base. 
* I believe there were 200 made in all and cost Sega £1200GBP each. 
* They were quite common to be on display in Game shops in the uk and there is one by the Sonic ride at Alton towers theme park :)

In the 3 odd years I have had mine I have seen a few more go through Ebay uk in varying conditions with final prices ranging from £180 to over £700. "

Reported by: EggmanX

The mucklefiguren link was already on the item post, but this way you can just go investigate if you hadn't already seen it. The ebay info is interesting too, that's a huge price range. It would be awesome to own! Expect a copy of the entry to land on High End on an upcoming update.

Next week:
Hopefully some figure details, possible clothing, and also hopefully more older stuff as the mail does well. The papercraft that went up this week was old...which goes to show that the old mail bin still has lots of goodies yet to go.