Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knuckles Neglect?

Lot of stuff going up this week.
Jazwares was only inactive in the news for a short period, this week they return in fine form with a fixed version of Tails 3inch, and a fixed paint job on the 10in Metal Sonic, plus news of the upcoming small line AND a Super Poser Knuckles.

Them fixing the figures like that shows that they CARE about the figures they make, and the fans who buy them. Most companies would have been like 'so what' and just kept churning out wrong figues. Really, replacing/adding an entire new JOINT to an already released figure is a big deal and they were not afraid to do it, to give everyone a good Tails who doesn't break. Repainting MS is also a great touch. But, at 18.00 how many will re buy him for the shoe stripe?The Tails was a different story, only hovering around 4-5.

Knuckles Neglect-
The Sonic universes' resident tough-guy seems to be getting the short end of the stick in modern clothing. Shadow gets tons of solo shirts in the USA and UK....while Knuckles hardly appears at all. There are so many cool things that could be done with him on shirts and other merchandise, it's a shame to see everything always going to only Sonic or just Shadow. He's also great because he can be classic and modern too, either style works fine for him so long as it's based off of good stock art.

Super Poser Knuckles-
As you may or may not remember, ToyIsland initially planned to have S, T, K, & Shadow Super Posers. However, the Tails & Knuckles ones were totally hideous. The Sonic & Shadow (early ones) also had sideways goat eyes upon release. The eyes were fixed, but their sculpts never got Jazwares quality. (JW took the sculpts on as their own, later, and fixed the paint but did not retool) It's no surprise that Toy Island scrapped the Tails & Knuckles, being as ugly as they were...and that once again Knuckles was precieved as less popular than Shadow.

So, it is MEGA good news to hear that JW is RESCULPTING SP Knuckles. Everyone already knows the original was horrible/mutant, and that JW does a super great job so this figure overhaul should make this super poser a real big deal. It's totally possible that the Knuckles will become the best of the 3. Hopefully it brings SP's back into the spotlight as they're a cool concept and could really go far if done with quality to justify the price tag.

With a HotTopic Knuckles shirt, and a Knuckles addition to Super Sonic Gear, plus the news it's looking like the Knuckles neglect could be ending.

Item of the week:
Fixed shoe Metal Sonic 10 inch. This will qualify him for Super Gear, if they manage to release it.

Next week:
An update may actually come before next week. Going to try and update the store for Black Friday shoppers before black friday actually occurs. The easier it is to get Sonic gifts, the better. As for next week, expect more mail-bag randomness, a theme is not expected.