Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sega Helps the RC & Japan

With this week's update you'll notice several charity items. Recently, Sega itself auctioned off many things it had in an attempt to raise money to give to the Red Cross to help the Japan earthquake & tsunami victims. This was a great idea because it let the fans see/get cool items while helping raise money. They used ebay to do this. There were, of course, several Sonic things (as well as other general Sega goods) Some of the things were old, like regular action figures, dolls etc. but some had not yet been seen/weren't on Gear. You can see all of these items scattered about the update this week. Squeezy Figures If Germany was the one making these things, why did they sell them to Australia first? It makes no sense to ship them a zillion miles away and then not let the German fans have them. Hopefully they just release them world wide. Which figures CAN JW replace on 3.5 line so far? Sonic Tails Knuckles Sonic Black Knight Version Shadow Silver Metal Sonic Espio Others are likely to be added to the list, so if you have a bad Vector or Super Hedgehog, wait and see. It's odd to see SBK in there, not many of those were reported to have problems. Those are the figures they've confirmed to have made with better joints/construction, and the Silver may be larger. Info by: SonicToast Item of the week: Rush Adventure Shirt. VERY pirate, classy and somewhat subtle. You'd have to be in on it to know what the design was for. It's not blasting you with words, slogans and logos all over the place like some big ad. It's simple and different. It's also too bad it was only a promo and there's not many of them. State of the site: Mail is down by a little, week was fairly busy. 2nd update MAY appear with bootlegs in it, depending how time goes. Next week? Moar bootlegs (unfortunately) and hopefully a greater range of items from some of the older mails.