Monday, October 26, 2009

Jazwares Sections Complete

It seems like variety is back in action.
This update was a bit of a marathon, but a LOT of stuff got done and posted. Jazwares is now cleaned up, unless they do something else, their sections are complete. They actually got a new page this week too, Super Posers--because though they weren't their own molds, they were just doing too much with them to have it in the general area.

Finally, some vintage things were also able to return to the spotlight, which I know there are many fans of. A new party supply even showed up (yes, just when you thought every possible thing could be made) it's a jointed banner. It remains a mystery (does it spell? is it img only?) and really, it's GOT to be rare if it's only showing up now. Also: table cloth.

The USA and Japan were the stars of the show for the week, which is refreshing because a lot of categories from both places were thrown in there with both new and old items. Plus, UK got clarification on the Sonic lamp shade and Trash Can. (really I think that's the only known Sonic bin there is--though I wouldn't be surprised if one was lurking in Japan somewhere)

I used to get mad when someone would send in more soap.
You likely know the soap if you've seen USA Sonic Hygene at all. This soap company is/was totally BONKERS for variants. Now, I'm just amused as I tack up yet another variation on their same soap bath game combo thing. The soaps are always bubble bath or shampoos and they always have some version of the ring catch game. It seems like they like to play the "lets mix and match the backgrounds/soap container colors" game too to see how many different combinations they could come up with. I wonder what the final tally will be?

Next Week?
Hopefully more variety and more mail clearing. If you've sent in something recently and it didn't go up this week, look out for it next week. The inbox is on a tear and hopefully the back log can continue clearing out.

Also of note: currently playing through PS3 Unleashed & Sonic 2006. Very interesting...