Monday, February 09, 2009

Getting Ready for ToyFare 09

This was a big week...
It was originally meant to get the site ready for ToyFare (in New York) because it's guarenteed that we will see some new Sonic figures there. However, it didn't work. The mail was too much. There were 85 mails and I'd had it down to 59. ARGH.

However, not to say that the update wasn't interesting. Someone turned up what looks to be previous-toy-fare photos of some of the ToyIsland guys as prototypes. It's neat to see golden mega-bot and some much better shots of the Super Posers who didn't make it to market. (and really that's a shame, they actually looked like they could have TOPPED their Sonic & Shadow posers, sculpt wise.) It also deepens the "Popeye" mystery on Sonic & Shadow, where their ankles/wrists are inexplicably fat. In the prototypes they lack this, so it actively throws out the suspicion that it was needed to secure the big hands/feet from breaking. Whatever the reason, it just looked bad.

Those, and a re-saurus box made up the action-figure half, the other half was plushes. And the plush bin STILL isn't empty. Ra0r. 1 item moved, the plush keychain jumped from USA to Japan due to a new detail. "plush toy" and "key chain" don't seem to go together, but this week there were 2 of them. A SA Sonic and an oldschool Amy. No particularly spectacular plush this time, just the basics of classic japan, more out of GAME from the UK and an addition to the calander of crud.

Ah the calander. The place that everyone loves to hate on Gear. It's so bizzarre that it still exists, fueled by ToyNetworks' ever dumb efforts to sully Sonic with pathetic plushes. With good places like Circuit City going out of business, why can't the recession bless everyone with the loss of this terrible toy company? I mean CC had GREAT STUFF hella electronics came out of there due to good prices and yet this nasty doll company who barely understands how to sew can keep going? Where's the justice. I don't know. Get those employees some new jobs far from Sonic.
This time it was a valentines plush, with a rather appropriate slogan "Love stops here" well, of course it does.

Depending when photos come out of toyfare, they'll def. get a mid-week or off-day post to avoid the inbox catching fire. (A la' werehog) Certainly, one of these is due simply because of the volume of mail that's come in lately. With the new Jazwares (whatever they may be) and the new Sonic Unlimited comic on the way out, new pages are sure to be required...meaning mail catch up goes high priority.
Secret note:
Jazwares will be sending photos to SonicGear.
Do you think Super Sonic will be in this batch? I'm 99.9% positive we'll see it at ToyFare. If they've done any good job at all, it'll be BIG too. Potentially more-so than the werehog was, because that was rather a gimmick.

What's next?
Mail bag, for sure. Toyfare anything that shows up, and more plush. The new comic will appear whenever Gear gets ahold of an actual issue of the thing.