Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Update Fatigue

Update Fatigue: I has it!
Has'd it. Something.

The update for the final day was a little bit short on stuff, because of it. As usual, the bday week is a rough one. This year's was made even moreso by the need to trouble shoot another Sega game all the way to Japan. (a far target indeed, when you can't read it.) And the issue still isn't resolved. Managed to miss an event too, because of it.

However, the week should be considered a success.
If this week's update goes off smoothly for the 2nd half, the mail will go down/less once again, which is the goal. There will be some interesting things on part 2, including more Feves.

Hopefully everyone is satisfied with what all went up during the big week.
It put a good dent in the mail too, but there's still far to go. There should be another blog post for the rest of the update, highlighting more items.