Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jazwares figure service

Jazwares has updated their customer service. It would be a good idea to visit this page here Jazwares Customer Service , if you have suffered from a figure that fell apart, was built wrong (ie you got a 2 left hands Sonic, or someone with the wrong feet, etc) , one of the Tailses that simply dropped apart once de-boxed, etc. Things to keep in mind when you use the page: Did you document the figure's problem? (photos are a must!) Did it just fall apart / be floppy /won't stand right out of the box? Can you describe the problem well in your mail? This is a well-deserved fix for JUSTIFIED broken or defective figures. They realized they were punishing early-buyers with bad figures and set this system up to fix it. For example, if you bought one of their first 3.5 inch Tails figures, the tails not only wouldn't spin but would fall out of the figure if it merely tipped over from a standing position. It was unreasonable for a toy to do that, so they are setting things right. It is especially useful for their more costly figures such as the 10 inch Sonic who can drop his hands once de-boxed, and the Super Hedgehogs 3-Packs which were riddled with defective headless SuperSonics. Any figure that is replaced will be substituted with one of their 'new joints' strong figures. Be sure to act wisely and provide documentation for everything. *SonicGear collection will be using this service. Link discovered by SonicToast, replacement joint info by DrEggplantman "Forever a prototype?" Remember those ooooold "Sonic Squeezy Keychains" that some German company was going to make? Their prototype art has been up on Prototypes years. Even before the art appeared these guys said they were going to make something. Well with this week's update you'll see an actual photo of the prototype item (not just art) It's really curious how some companies can take forever to actually make a product. It shows how nice & fast JW really is. A lot of people thought they had abandoned these classic squeezy things but, I guess not. Odd. State of the site: Mail is getting better still, progress has been made once again. Only 1 broken page encountered, that needed remade/wasted time. The gear store got an update too, a few of the broken things got fixed, and 2 more products (Drink & candy) were added. That's always a good thing because regular retail seems to sell out of the drinks frequently for whatever reason. Next week: More random stuff, probably several bootlegs on the way to avoid as well. A midweek update is highly unlikely. Watch out for more older submissions to go on. If you've been awaiting seeing your item, the time may be coming for it because the mail is clearing slowly but surely. Things are looking up!