Friday, August 06, 2010

Late update is large

The update may be late, but that doesn't mean it's not a big one.
Taking place over most of this day, it cleared up quite a few mails, but the goal wasn't met. Mostly, due to a flood of new item photos showing up.

New electronics, Jazwares leaking photos onto their facebook, and more from First4Figures all appeared in one week. That's highly unusual. Anything that didn't make it on (that is current/breaking/relevant) will get on with sunday's upcoming update.

There actually WAS an update on sunday of last week.
It was a stealth-update. The only thing that changed around was information getting added to some entries. Since that doesn't list on the front page, it usually goes un-noticed. It is small improvements that help the site be the best it can, via info.

You'll notice the snowboard moved to France (it was USA) and is likely official.
The bobble head (even though it isnt even released!) will also be shifting around soon. Very odd.

First look at mini racers line 2
The box is VERY impressive! There will be strong incentive to keep this thing MIB for display with a box like that. Track diorama? Raised path? Yes please. It's a 4 pack, but HOPEFULLY there will be individual racers too. Why? Because this is yet another Sonic re-buy (if you got his mini, single-card style) AND they're foisting a non-Sonic guy onto you (Beat)

I know the fans were sort of wondering what would happen when Sega forced JW to produce EVERYbody from the game. Remember, it's Sega All Stars, not Sonic All Stars. So what'll become of the less popular people like Ryo, Aiai, and Amigo? Hopefully they won't pair them up with Sonic chars just to force the fans to buy characters they don't want. It's a low move that drains wallets and draws anger from the fans.

Mystery of the week:
It would be the poker chip of dubious origin, but Metal Sonic Mystery Box takes the cake. You can see it under the SS pack, but who else is in there? He was ALREADY on a 2 pack, what are they up to this time?

Sonic Soda Revealed-
It is pinkish brown. It's likely not only me, but I like to actually SEE the food substance that's inside the containers. This pic is very handy.

Do not send this week/trouble-saver:
RC Racers, Sonic CD player, or any of 3 recent Sears shirts. They're all already in the que for the upcoming update, but photos are flying around the web...this is just a notice to save yourself trouble if you find them. Other fans have sent them in.

Upcoming Update:
Lots of current stuff. Wanted Gear will also get a couple of things. The link for buying the F4F 6 pack should also go live. Anything else will likely be random, as once again the mail attempts to clear up somewhat.