Monday, November 10, 2014

Interesting Info Update With 2 Uncommon Items

This week had an unexpectedly large update.
More info & stuff appeared than predicted, but it's all for the best. The interesting part of it, was the info that went along with it. Like the E-102 plush being actually to scale, the Dubai Mall info, and the Boom figure prices.

Unanswered Old Question:
Why is that Sonic plastic kiddie dinnerware set rare?
Nobody ever found out. The thing has been rare since it was made. It's nice and all...and this time it sold for 81.00 on ebay, WITH the that photo is quite a prize to add to the archives of Gear...because if an item/set is rare usually the box is even more-so. Refresher on WHY things end up rare:
Ugly * high price when new * unpopular store exclusive * character going through a dull phase * poor manufacturing/not enough items * never approved for a 2nd run * company that did it goes out of business * store that had it goes out of business * item generally not useful * obvious bad quality

With the list above, you can easily rule out some of the items (it wasn't ugly) but not others (what WAS the original price?) So the mystery remains.

Dubai Mall:
This sounds like the place to go...if you're in the area. It's great to have the info on the statue, and confirmation that  SpinGear is in the same facility. Plus the intro to the ride is a good 'entertainment video'.

Item of the week:
IF it's true: E-102 gamma plush. If that thing's to scale...those SA1 plushes were already big, that one must be amazingly gigantic. It is so, so, too bad that it is rare and ultra costly. Hopefully someone sends a photo of the whole thing laid out for real scale.

Boom Figure Prices:
These went up this week, they may vary store-to-store by a dollar. Toys R Us Xpress is always more expensive: avoid it. I personally feel that the prices are too high, for the quality of the figures & what they do. It remains to be seen how successful these will be. But, with the show airing, they ought to get a boost.

Boom Premiers:
Sonic Boom show aired already, but is being given the 'side-eye' because they put it in a very early time slot. Some people think it's due to lack of confidence in the show. Others think the channel is trying to pull "A Korra Avatar", where the channel doesn't actually WANT the show, and puts it at a bad time so they can claim "it is unpopular" and then can it.
Which sucks.
Because shows DESERVE A CHANCE.
Networks pulling dirty tricks like moving time slots so people miss it, pitting shows against others on other channels they KNOW are popular trying to "stamp out" someone elses' show, poor time slots on-purpose, & trying to railroad stuff into the waste basket isn't right. Let the show itself PROVE that it is good or bad, don't mess with it to screw it up on purpose.

*Sonic history!
This has happened before! Any SatAM watcher would know they jammed it vs. Power Rangers (Which no one could beat in its heyday......of COURSE--it's stupid to put ANY show against it, so just slap a re-run up there, be smart) and then moved the final cliff-hanger episode to a different time slot and only aired it ONCE. It was a mess.

Next week:
Hopefully old mail. Maybe a Boom episode review on the blog.