Monday, June 15, 2009

"Plain Sonic" Aquired & New Figure News

Thanks to the fans' help, SonicGear now has 'plain Sonic'.
The devious nameless figure that was so hard to get (because you can't just ask for Sonic on the phone to the stores) has now been aquired because SonicGear readers sent in the UPC from the figure they had. It's way appriciated and now the code is shared for all to use for easy-buying of this really well done Jazwares piece.

So what is his problem?
He comes in a carton with the Werehog. So for every X werehogs (I think 4) they get 4 of him too. If you have to make your TRU person go get a carton, the plain Sonics are UNDER the werehogs in that big box so you really have to make them dig him out. The werehogs that are in there will be yellowcard ones.

On a side-note this will be one of the 2 Sonics that is in SonicGear Commercial 2, so that is further good news.

The other help was the booth # for JUVI Metal Sonic got sent in as well. That will help anyone going to the actual con to get him, so it's useful.

The new news is places like are starting to have place-holders for the Jazwares 3 inch posable line. This is good news, because if the initial bullitain is to be believed, the little 3 inchers will have loads of characters on them. People who never even had a figure before, supposedly. Does this mean we'll see Silver, Espio, Blaze, and Vector? It certainly seemed like a possibility in the original info.
*WHICH btw, has proved itself to be pretty much correct so far. However, the 3 inch line news was the last of it, so there cannot be any further predictions made.

The bad news is that Super Sonic does indeed have normal spikes. In a conversation the other day, they came up with a brilliant idea. Call him "Yellow Sonic". And that is SO RIGHT because really that is not Super Sonic at all. Yes everyone's bummed but they're buying anyway. I will not own this figure because I vote with dollars and they do not get my vote for this rip off.

Why is that bad?
1. Because if they find out that painting Sonic yellow sells, why not just do it again?

2. Will we EVER get something that's really Super Sonic? The 'compelling reason' was that there had been NO SS stuff in the USA/EU really...ever. Now that "Technically there is one" (because someone wrote it on a box) there's no more compelling reason. Yes he's a repaint/knockoff thing but they'll say he counts.

3. Is it a license to rip everyone off? "They'll buy ANYthing!"

#4 would have been "Is Jazwares simply not paying any attention at all?" Much like the horrible ToyNetwork plushes, clearly TN does not pay attention to anything anyone wants. But really, that's impossible given they did Metal Sonic AND their really great sculpt for both plain Sonic and the Werehog. They did TOO GOOD a job to make anyone think that this Yellow Sonic is for real. Hopefully...they don't slip up again!

The Update:
It's pretty much gearing up for Sonic's Bday. Released some JP 2009 things but really those feel like buying/winning an advertisement for their mobile site. The art is cute though and it's very fitting for a pre-bday update. There was a tooooon of mail this week so Archie got on the back burner again. Whenever it happens, either amid weeker this week or what, it'll have issue 200 and further blurb on Universe.

I'm also hoping to have seen the last of the bootlegs for a while as they seem to be dwindling now.

Next Week:
Still want to get Archie stuff on there. Going to add another to calander o crud (havnt seen anything for that in a while!) to get it out before the bday. Maybe a new page "Parody Items" could be an all-right catagory but it'll have to see how the mail shapes up.