Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sonic Feature Film - How Far Did It Get? 1996

Curiously, the most interesting thing on this update was NOT an item!
It was information inside an item. If you carefully read the description for the Franco American Sonic Pasta...press kit/convincing kit, whatever it was, you'll see they have some kind of info I was never aware of, despite being a Sonic fan from the start.

The only Sonic 'movie' that ended up happening was the somewhat weird Sonic Anime "Sonic the Movie" which they eventually dubbed TERRIBLY into English like, years and years later. Any fan, of course, knows about this, or even owns it. (my first owning of it was a bootleg vhs copy because for years & years that was pretty much the only way.

The details are scant:
"A feature film for Sonic is planned in 1996, by Trilogy Pictures /MGM"

One line on a kit. But that kit, rare as it is, had to have someone researching/planning all the facts for them to put in there, so somebody had to think this movie was real at some point.

The questions it leaves:
How far did it get?
Was it a unique continuity?
Was it based around any known Sonic continuity? Archie/SatAm/AOSTH
Was it going to be horrible CG?
What all did Sega have to do with it?
Why DIDNT it happen?
Is there anything left of it that we could look at?
How did only a NOODLE PROMO find out about this thing?

There was always rumors of a 'Sonic movie', basically since the internet started. but nothing ever materialized. SatAM was supposed to have another season too, and you can read interviews with the story people from that finding out about what was supposed to have happened in it, and how a couple of them moved to Underground (which I personally can't stand) and tried to make Underground ok. There's also fuel for the rumorfire too because movie posters are easy to fake up.

Opinion Zone:
I'm actually pretty glad it didnt happen. CG in the 90s was nasty & did not stand the test of time*. Sonic Underground proves nobody in the USA knew what they were doing to handle him. It would be seen as an affront to fans of the games TODAY because 1996 was still too early for a good character roster so you know they would have the movie crawling with OC's even if they didn't choose an existing continuity.
Pick AOSTH: "its too silly"
Pick SatAM: "up with Sally, down with Sonic, Tails doesn't exist" (and he's brown aaaaaaaaaah!)
Pick or start Sonic Underground with a movie: "Nuuuuuuuuu"
Pick original continuity: "Every other continuity flies into a rage in 1 minute, hating the movie"

*Oldest CG show that did withstand the test of time? Reboot. Because it looked wierd & was actually supposed to look that way, continuity wise. Plus the plot was pretty good.

Of course, that's not the only thing that went on this week.
The actual pasta promo object itself was pretty cool. Another Super Sonic thing is always welcome as well...nice that it's an actual classy glass...glass. The matte black is good. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a beer glass, as it is a pint & shaped sort of that way. (odd how alcohol makes everyone invent new glassware for each different kind of it they make up...but oh well) Can't expect much else from Spencers.

Ye Olden SegaWorld Stuff:
Always good to see, but not that common. I guess the souvineir shops did ok at the time, but...there's still a lot of stuff nobody's re-found. Perhaps they were over priced.

Mail Announcement:
Spam is at an all time high in the Gear inbox. It's especially crucial to watch over the titles of emails if submitting anything. I have no idea what happened to cause it either. It's all weird & irrelevant. Heidi Klum's furniture, what Oprah has to say about Bees...just really random and dumb.

Still, I'm really curious about this movie thing & how much info exists about it. Hopefully now that it's on the site & blog someone will have some info and come forward. I know no one in the movie biz & never have.