Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Item Mix Update

This update was the variety that is roughest to do.
Any update where there's no clear 'theme' is automatically tough. Sprinkling a few pictures here and there into tons of different folders and updating multiple pages makes it take longer as well as making it easier to leave something out of the upload. Still, the update finished off quite a few submissions worth of items.

A notable fix was the hot air balloon. This thing had only had this grainy tiny photo which made it look boring. However, a fan sent in a whole bunch of really great, high quality photos--along with the new info you see there.

The other stuff is from the UK (courtesy of Rhia--this fan just keeps on sendin'! And it's always great gear that comes in with the photos) The curiosities of the batch are the STC free gifts lot with all manner of oddities like the ninjapog, metal disks and ruler. It's good to see a Sonic ruler outside Japan, even if it is a freebie. Plus the frizbees and a hand fan. The yoyo is somewhat unremarkable, being that there are already at least 3 official yoyos. (why?)

The puzzles on USA are another irritating mystery item. These keep showing up on ebay, so you just KNOW they're retailing somewhere...just not where. They're in the same catagory as the throw pillows, basketballs and spike-hats. "Where the heck are they!"

Next week will be another plush update. Those are always popular, and the photo bin for them has plenty once again. I also want to possibly split uk misc. but trying to decide what's got enough for a page of its own. Also coming up needs to be USA electronics again--and possibly another catagory to draw some more out of misc. USA again.