Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Ethiopian Flag Pin Mystery

Another pretty big update.
This one had a lot of pages updated, but not as many items per page as last time. No ancient mail-in-waiting got posted though, it turned out to be too much stuff just on its own. Some good things happened though...

Better photo of the Sonic Adventure 1 name plaque keychain dispensing machine.
The original photo wasn't really a direct photo it was a screen cap OF a photo taken off a TV from Sonic Gems. So understandably someone turning up a REAL pic of the thing did a lot to clarify the details, but did nothing to tell how the rare machine actually worked.

An item went off of intl unknown:
There's way too many things on that page, so it's always good to have another one placed. This one however, is the culprit behind this blog post's mysterious title! A fan found an ad for Sonic Spinball in Japanese that showed the "mystery Soccer Sonic & Flag Tails" enamel pin set. The ad talks about the pins (can't understand it, likely some kind of pre order thing) but it PROVES they are Japanese / for Japan. However, why put Tails in front of the Ethiopian flag? It makes no sense at all for them to choose a troubled country & then never export the pins there. Who's supposed to recognize the flag? Nobody knows why they'd do something like that. It was thought originally they could be FROM there (Though it was unlikely) but here comes proof its' JP.

Germany finally got an item.
It had been months since anyone found anything from there, so good to see it.

Finally a modern fleece!
Hopefully this will start up a trend of some good looking modern housewares / bed stuff for the US. The UK area got bundles of modern stuff and the USA is still desperate for sheets/blankets/etc. Mario has that stuff in spades, so why not Sonic. Mario also seems to have loads of PJs all around as well.

Next week:
Maybe old mail stuff & possibly Gear Store in between now & then.