Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Update

This update has an Easter Egg!
Well, after all, what more appropriate day than this, to add the first one?

What is an Easter Egg?
Well a colored egg found near a holiday. But the internet definition is a bit more fun. It is a hidden item that a maker puts into whatever they've made, for a user or a buyer to discover. In games, it can be a hidden reference, secret room, or special item. On physical items, it may even be something like nanoscale art. Such eggs are usually found in large, complex places. SonicGear counts as large AND complicated, so it's about time it had some eggs too.

What is the philosophy of an Easter Egg?
_I_ believe that EE's should be fun, but NOT necisary. Like, if you can't find it, you're not missing out. I don't believe in hiding good or important content/locking things up. I do think they should be interesting/funny/amusing so anyone who finds it should not be dissapointed. I don't believe people should have to spend hours searching for it. If anyone stumbles onto it, well that's a nice surprise. Easter Eggs should be harmless fun.

What is the finding theme of this 1st egg?
Look for something that doesn't belong on any page.
(so that means it wont be anything Sonic goods related, because all things Sonic DO belong on SOME page of gear. You'd have to find something that's totally out of place and click it)

Item of the week:
GE's Chao plush. FINALLY. This is another one of those 'well why didnt they make this years ago, clearly everyone wanted one'. The JP chao plushes were always insanely expensive. We did get several chao things here, keychains, figure accessory, that terrible's about darn time a real plush appeared. Bonus points that it looks happy too. Yes, it's not as perfectly well made as the 300 dollar deals, but it's not horrible nor off model. A great chance for the fans to pick up a long awaited item.

WTH of the week:
Light switch plate. WHY is the switch always in the wrong place? Legitimate (other franchises, of course) light switches do this too. Yes the internet is perverted and tends to be guttermind on the whole, but who can argue with things like that.

State of the site:
Had to remake 1 page again due to the last bits of bad code. (world places) Keep hoping another of it won't turn up but...meh. Mail continues to improve by very slight amounts. Hopefully it will cut me enough slack that I can establish a new part to the Sonic Crafts section that has big fun potential.

Next week: crafts?