Sunday, October 15, 2017

IDW Sonic Comic Sneak Peek Speculation

This week's update sees mostly modern stuff.
It's a nice change of pace, to be certain. Different people use SonicGear in different ways, so shoppers are left out when everything's vintage as it's sometimes been. There's still a distinctive and conspicuous lack of modern STYLE Sonic merch...but that's probably the 'boom ban' leftovers still lingering. Remember: it takes companies a long, long time to design, develop, make and then have a product go to store shelves. Any 'change in policy' isn't going to be instant...though we likely wish it was.

As you remember, Archie either gave up or lost the Sonic license in 2017, and their line is discontinued. However, IDW Comics picked it up, and plans on the first issue launch in 2018 or so. However, being a normal company, they choose to hype/tease with a cover image to prove they're working on things & what they can do. But, if they're going to release that, it's going to get speculated upon goes:

A Good Choice:
The cover choice is good. It probably looks ordinary to the normal eye, however if you analyze it a little bit you can see good choices & build confidence. Good choices are often overlooked simply because they ARE good and they make sense right off.
1. They could have done 'dramatic lone Sonic', but they chose not to: they picked his closest friends. 2. They could have done a 'chars everywhere' montage cover to prove they could draw every Sega character in there, but they stayed focused.
3. They could have chosen to imitate Archie or do gimmicks to imitate CG/Sega style & instead picked their own
4. The art looks pretty on model. There's no 'dave manak' level of junkyness
5. It's not Boom

Obvious stuff that didn't used to be obvious:
Picking an actual good artist who knows how to draw Sonic characters! Archie had no idea about this one in the beginning.
Not shoveling in "OCs" on the cover. Nobody wants to start with "Originole the Charactor Do Not Steel", nor someone's random furry wolf guy. (hey hey Archie)

Why the choices seem good:
They're not trying to be another Archie, they're establishing their own art style that's still fitting enough with Sonic. They're trying to show they won't sideline non-Sonic characters. May also be showing that they're not going to break the focus down so far that nobody every gets the spotlight by piling on characters at every turn. Boom seems VERY VERY isolated. The only place anyone seems to like it is the show itself because it's very well written most of the time & funny. The games don't work that well, and the Archie comic of it failed really quickly too. The 'boom ban' created backlash by stamping out fan-fave characters from merch & etc.

Overview: A positive. Outlook: Seems good.

Bootlegs Hub:
Well, Bootlegs finally got enough pages & now it has a hub page for easier navigation to wade through the garbage and fakery on the site. It's kind of unfortunate to have that as a thing but...oh well. 27 pages or so in, and it needed it.

Item of the Week: Controller Holder Statue / Figure
Got to be this guy! A nice big, fully 3D statue of classic Sonic who holds your video game controllers. This thing is PERFECT for game rooms classic or modern. A good idea that seems to be well executed and has a decent price. Good stuff.

Next week: School stuff & pretty much only modern things! That's right, there's enough new stuff coming out now to be able to have 2 updates of things you can actually buy now if you want them. AND some of it is Modern Sonic! Finally!