Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Unusual Plush Choice Appears

The update this week was split into 2, due to time limits on update days.
However, it didn't suffer for any stuff, as there were plenty of interesting items to add. MIB Metal Force, Joypolis & more went on. Interestingly, it didn't leave any time to add to the newest 'shows' section, as planned.

Item of the week:
Chaos 0 plush. Really? Chaos Zero? Yep. GE Animation decided to go ahead with the initial form of SA1's a plush. It seems a rather odd pick because: it's made of water, you can see the brain floating in it, it was a villain for about 5 minutes until it switched to another less-appealing form after absorbing more emerald energy. All of those add up to something you'd think would be a bad plush doll but...

It's actually really good!
GE did a fantastic job with this plush. The whole thing is proportional, the details are great (dots for bubbles, the brain is included, etc) it really looks like Chaos 0. Will the fans buy? I would have to say "probably", because SA1 is still the "Iconic" game of Sonic's 3D set. Sure he's a little obscure, but they did such a great job, that if it's reasonably priced it'll be a must-have for collectors.

"Why not Tikal"?
The question that's already flying around is why didn't they make Tikal? This pretty echidna girl would seem like a more obvious pick if you were going for something SA1 that wasn't already released. That, or how about some affordable DIFFERENT evolution chaos? But, with Chaos0 appearing, maybe Tikal is in the works. Loads of people like her & would appreciate a doll.

Joypolis: Not that Exclusive
With the Joypolis Tokyo images coming in, I was rather surprised to see so much NON exclusive stuff in there. Or just plain non-JP stuff. Joypolis used to be a place where you could score all kinds of things you couldn't get outside Japan--but now, aside from the food, I spotted only 2 to 3 things that weren't elsewhere also. (Whether it was Euro stuff or USA/CAN etc--it was outside Japan) A lot of it was also in the SonicGear Store pages -order-able right from the site.
It's probably good and bad. Bad, in that it shows exclusive merch isn't in demand much/at all, but good...because it means that almost anyone can have the stuff shown there.

Next week:
Expect more old figures & probably the video area as well as some Japan items