Monday, February 16, 2009

Update prep for Toy Fair 09

This week's update was a huge one.
The mail had gone up to 91 (!) which is terrible considering that Toy Fair 09 is happening/happened and that's where the mysterious new Jazwares figures will be. It's likely that whenever that news breaks, it could be an update all it's own. (Which would of course let the mail get even more out of hand) So, took this week to prepare for it as much as possible, by throwing on a huge mail-bag update. Got the mail down to 80, and used every line of update text available in that box.

The fan item was rather remarkable, a pair of "Raver Pants" might not seem that impressive, but if seen, you can really see the large amount of sewing that had to go into them. Mutant Gear (unfortunately) got a new page with 3 plushes on it (why is it always plush?) and a new video page went up "Entertainment Videos". This is really a catch-all for videos that aren't commercials or TV shows. It only has 1 video in it now (a fashion show with a mascot suit) but it'll have another likely by the end of the month, 1st week of next month. (Is this a secret hint? Why yes it is!)

The rarest item was actually the elusive Sonic Kite.
For some reason it's really rare, my guess is due to the size (50 inch) which makes it hard for people to store it so parents toss it out. (Like the big noisy pinball table) Also, it may have been frail as it appeared to be plastic and not some high-tech ripstop fabric. The only bad part is...some guy wrote in to SonicGear, specifically LOOKING for that kite, and didn't find it. I wish wish wish I could mail him now that the kite is there, but despite mail-archive searches I can't find the address. So:

Mailing guy! You wanted to see the Kite to create some kind of gift for someone didn't you? The kite is there and I'm way sorry for losing your address, I hope you find this post!

The rest was an ok scattering of stuff. Really, the update was supposed to have more fast-food items on it, as really the img bins have plenty in there but it ran out of both time and room. The new figure news should be out this week, so I'll try to cram the rest in with it if it's at all possible.

Next week:
Likely more mail bag. GOT to do something about the mail or no new section can appear, plus Archie's gonna haul out their new book too. If Jazwares new section activates in the middle of the week it's not going to change the content of the weekend update.