Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mail Bag & Trash Bag

A rather hectic update this week.
Having werehog madness apparently gripping the entire internet last week threw things off. The mail is still up (55 Sorry people who wrote!) and I threw everything I could at it for this update. Stuff just scattered all over from Home Decor to Japan plushes. Heavy on the bootleg garbage too...with no less than 4 new things for it all coming in at once. (though 1 co. was responsible for 2 of the things)

The most notable thing though, was in the slew of new USA shirts.
Two of the shirts have 'never before shirt' chars on them, including Rouge and Omega. The Eggster has indeed appeared on a few apparel items before (in the background--as he is here) but these are coming right on the heels of the first shirt to show Silver. The DESIGN of the shirts isn't all that great. They basically took renders of the chars and started dumping them on a tee. It's the fact that "the gang's all there" that makes them so interesting and collectible.

As I likely complained about before, there'd been a strong LACK of "other chars" shirts in the USA. Amy went wild over-seas for some reason, but really Shadow and Sonic only had their own stuff. Why neglect Knuckles and Tails? Do a new design. Do something tasteful and arty with it. They've still not done anything in that manner, but at least seeing the chars is cool. Hopefully it'll open stuff up to more variety on shirts because really, the stock art is getting stale.

The one oddity in all this is why the heck is Blaze the Cat in there? She was shoe-horned in from another dimension in the first place and was only on handhelds (which are usually considered 1offs/ not really main continuity--though what any more HAS main continuity with Sonic?) Sure she's better than Big, but Big's been in more stuff! If you were going to toss around irrelevent people, cram in Cream or Big or Espio or something. Still, it is likely that Blaze has quite a few fans, and she's certainly not going to put people off the shirt by her mere just seems a little odd for her to be there.

Next week?
Looking to be another mail bag at this rate. Depending how smoothly it goes, the video area may begin its eventual overhaul.