Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birthday Week: Regular Update & Boom Stuff

This week is Sonic's birthday week.
Probably no one will notice anything unusual, but it sort of is because this is the first time in I think something like 3 years of updates that 'the week' didn't have some kind of jumbo crazy update thing going on. Usually it's "an update every day of the week" or a giant one on the birthday or something like that.

Why not?
There isn't enough stuff any more. The whole thing was implemented to take out the tons of piled up mail that had built up when the site broke down ages ago. That problem is finally getting under control. So it's actually GOOD news! The stuff that's left now are complicated .zip files, some corrections, a few things that needed to be moved & stuff like that. To do a mega update or a series, there needed to be readily available emails with items I know right away aren't on the site.

However, the actual update for the week went out on time & had plenty of stuff on it. The mail count going down each week, it's at 106 now is still a really good thing. I don't want anyone who sent in a thing to think they are getting ignored, so even if it's from 2011 or something really old, it still gets a response letter & goes up if it wasn't already added. Hopefully I can get it down to where there's nothing left to do in the inbox, then, it'll just be whatever gets sent every week (and if there's not enough stuff that week--then site improvements & re-organization will be done instead)

2 New pages:
International Fast Food got another one, and so did USA Retail Display. A lot more E3 Boom stuff, as expected. This week also gives a good look at the booth.

Weirdness of the week:
Parody bear monster. At first, I was going to reject it because it appears so un-Sonic-like. However, the ears and spikes are clearly stolen from something Sonic. I have seriously no idea what it's supposed to be, or supposed to be making fun of. It's pretty ugly too.

Boom Trailer Opinion:
New trailer for the Boom show......and even I have to admit I laughed. VERY good sign. (Evil ham trailer) I do think that's a funny line / funny way for him to be. If the other characters are that funny and the goodguys are likable* then I'd be on board for the show.

At first, it was reported Japan wouldn't get Boom......and they won't, they'll get TOON instead which is Boom with a different name. There is a rumor up that "Toon Amy will be made prettier". would that even work? How are they going to change the CG on the whole show this late in the game? And how do you make Amy "prettier"? (Why wouldn't they instead fix that horrible Knuckles everyone already flamed into the ground with hate?) Still waiting to see what is a "pretty Amy".

Antagonistic Chalkboard:
Is Boom Knuckles set to be the "rotten" hero character? The phony chalkboard at E3 (Seen in photos) hints at yes and starts rumors. (Knuckles wrote on it that Tails is a nerd & Sonic Sux) It was speculated/feared that Amy would be the rotten one, with "stereotypical girl attributes" everyone hates: bossy, whiny, vanity, magically stronger than all the guys only when she needs to show them up, pushy, rude, and whatever everyone thinks "All Girls Are Like".
While making Knuckles the rotten one would be a new twist, (usually it's on the "Token Female") it won't do the show any favors. EVERY character should be able to be likable--there is no need for one of them to "Be that guy". Also you know it's not going to be Sticks because she's "crazy" or whatever.

Next week:
More old mail elimination (hopefully) possibly including magazine covers and anything new that rolls in. No idea what though, SP Silver is already covered, & still no sign of the SBK's. Boom will likely be quiet for a while now that E3 is over and all the stuff from it is up.