Monday, November 17, 2014

Figure Fun & Boom...Bust?

This week's update was fun because it had a bunch of figures!
Figures are great because they're usually pretty easy to collect, don't take up a lot of space, and don't really have the ability to 'go bad' like cloth goods (closet rust, mildew attacks etc) or some other things. Plus, I am a confessed figure fan.

People say these things are 'cashing in' on a 'copycat trend' after the success of Spyro's Skylanders. Is it so? Yeah probably. However, is it also FUN? Is it something people have a good time with and actually LIKE to buy, collect, and get good play value out of? If it is, if it doesn't feel a ripoff or something & has a reasonable price point, then who cares who it's copying off of. More fun toys and games is always better than less.

1st look:
All the figures look good. They were probably made using the 3D model of the character from each of it's games (So, Sonic included) so there really wasn't a chance it would turn out shabby unless someone did bad paint. However, Nintendo SEEMS to have good control over the quality of their stuff. I want to buy the Sonic, regardless of if I get the game or not.

First 4 Figures Eggman
Looks great! But, of course, everything they do with those big collectible statues looks great. They picked the perfect & most classic pose for him as well. Those emeralds also really sparkle. This is going to be HUGE for Eggman fans, of which there are plenty. It's great to see the villain getting the spotlight. Why they decided on the Robotnik name for him, is unsure, but it's not like it's written anywhere on the piece so, it kind of doesn't matter.

Game Stop's Good Exclusive:
It's not a terribly exciting exclusive, but it is nicely done. Having the Ancients' crystal is great to collect, but if you DONT get it, your Boom collection should still feel complete.

Is Boom going Bust?
That's the question of the week. I am of the opinion that it is still too early to tell. The show is being bothered by a bad time slot. The figures are hampered by high prices & less action-joints as compared to JW which could be sitting on the shelves beside them. The game has some glitches (Ex. Knuckles passes the whole level flying, the characters shoes just mercilessly clip through the ground all the time creating a 'bad look', etc)

However, shows can take time to 'hit stride', especially with non-continuity shows like Boom is. A "this character can be a pain" episode shown early on would tarnish the character in viewers' minds, but then they could be redeemed by all other episodes where the character is more normal, for instance.

Christmas can determine toys too-
Stuff that appears to not sell that well can get a big boost at the holiday shopping season despite what it's up against and sometimes despite prices.

Current attitude: Wait & see
*Actually have to see the show too & will add a review to the blog

Next week:
Nothing is planned, so maybe old mail?