Monday, October 20, 2014

Is Anyone Buying Sonic Figures?

This week's topic is brought on by the type of item submissions & the timing.
Usually, when a JW figure of a new character would come out, 3 or 4 or even 5 different people, all independently would send in their own photo shoots for the deboxed figure to SonicGear. This was also typical of decent plush dolls (ex. the Werehog non-jw) however, it is noticeably absent in the face of this Boom stuff. Sure people are FINDING photos, and TAKING photos in the store & SAVING photos from the internet/factory photos (to send in) but it doesn't seem like anyone is actually laying money down for the thing to own it.

Boom figures & ripcord sets & dolls are clearly in most Toys R Us stores around the USA and possibly elsewhere. But not 1 single "I bought this and de boxed it so here are the turn arounds" letter has come to Gear.

Is nobody buying these?
Is it because nothing ACTUAL Boom is out but the clear cash-in merch?
Is the price point really lame?
Do people not trust Tomy?
Mystery reason?

I don't actually know. Probably people trust Tomy, they do tons of other stuff of fine quality. Certainly, the plushes are nicely done for Boom. The price on the dolls & ripcord action things are high...but maybe individual figures aren't? I kind of suspect nothing Boom (except manufactured hype & merch) being out yet is the actual reason. For example: I totally don't care about Sticks the badger. I think she's a Pinkie Pie Pony ripoff combined with internet meme "badger dont care". SOMETHING has to change my mind. Maybe the show is a laff riot. Maybe the game is ultra fun. Maybe she's nothing like how you would guess from the previews & becomes the new fan fave. But until people can get to know the character, I bet they are not inclined to spend on the toy.

The countdown to the Boom show is on, we'll see what happens when the show airs. I bet things will change then, unless the show is awful, which from the trailers it looks like it will be fine.

Jazwares News:
Figure repacks, with the good idea of the Sonic Shadow SBK double pack. Solves the "oh but the other one sold out!" issue. Also VERY nice to see JW making SOMEthing again, even if it's a figure re-release. I know lots of people are sweating that Boom will stamp out JW & we'll never see Rouge the Bat or E Omega. Hopefully this is an indicator that it's not so.

Emerald Drinks:
I would bet these are real. If they are, be on the lookout for 'taster requests' to give flavor reviews on the site.

Next week:
Possibly the first Megaman Sonic Xover all-variant-covers. It was a ridiculous amount of comics you'd have to buy to get all covers for both series of issues on the event, so that's certainly something SonicGear should cover, as it is something that not every fan COULD see for themselves. (as in, it was expensive to buy them all and maybe not everyone could do it) It is also just in time to go along with the announcement of the 2nd one of these crossover things coming up next year.